Eastern Mojave Vegetation Forest Road 1S19A, Mono County, California  

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 Follows the northwest rim of Big Sand Flat to the benchmark called "Sand."

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Full Size ImageMono Lake from "Sand"
Full Size ImageView southwest from the "Sand" marker.  

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Marker at "Sand"
Full Size Image
View southeast toward Sagehen Peak.
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Phacelia bicolor, Collection No. 594
Full Size Image
Male and female flowers of Grayia spinosa as collected at “Sand.”
Full Size Image
Utah Service Berry as found on the knob named “Sand.”
Full Size Image
Habitat of Utah Service Berry near the knob named “Sand.”
Full Size Image
Gaytophytum diffusum var.parviflorum, Collection No.
Full Size Image
Coll No. 611, Plagiobothrys kingii var. harknessii
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 958, Mentzelia albicaulis
Outcrop with benchmark named "Sand."

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Junction: Forest Road 1S19C

Goes down a little draw to 1S19B (1S181) in Big Sand Flat.

Some maps show this road as 1S215.

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Full Size ImageCollection locality northwest of Big Sand Flat  


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Junction: Forest Road 01S19D(x-1S182?)

Kind of a cross road.

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Junction: Forest Road 1S19




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