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  White Mountain Research Station
  Patriarch Grove



Literature Cited:
- Coleman, Drew S., Stephanie Briggs, Allen F. Glazner, and C. J. Northrup, 2003.

Locations: Sage Hen Flat.  

Big Prospector Meadow

  • Forest Road 05S01, "Crooked Creek Road",

Sage Hen Flat about a mile to the east. Coleman, et al. (2003) sampled the Sage Hen Flat pluton in their study of the timing of plutonism and deformation in the White Mountains. The Beer Creek (ca. 179 Ma), Sage Hen Flat (ca. 175 Ma), and Redding Canyon (ca. 164 Ma) plutons all intrude variably deformed Paleozoic strata, but are themselves undeformed.

  Junction: Wyman Canyon

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Junction: Silver Canyon Road

Locations: Reed Flat. Schulman Grove.  

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Schulman Grove, Reed Flat.

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Junction(?): Black Canyon Road, Forest Road 34E303.

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Full Size ImageBishop and Mt Tom from the White Mountains
Full Size ImageBishop and the Sierra Nevada from the White Mountains.  

View Point



Locations: Grandview Campground.  

Grandview Campground

  Pinyon Picnic Ground.
  Junction: Forest Road 35E311, in the direction of Montenegro Spring.

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  • Forest Road 9S110L, to California Highway 168.
  • Forest Road 35E309, in the direction of Black Mountain.

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Junction: CA Highway 168




Literature Cited

  A list of all literature cited by this web site can be found in the Bibliography.
  Coleman, Drew S., Stephanie Briggs, Allen F. Glazner, and C. J. Northrup. 2003. Timing of plutonism and deformation in the White Mountains of eastern California. GSA Bulletin. 115(1):48-57. {TAS-pdf}
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