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Home Page   Old Spanish Trail Road approximates the former Old Spanish Trail from Tecopa, past Resting Spring, over Emigrant Pass, and then into Pahrump valley, passing near Stump Spring.

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  • California Highway 127, south to Baker and U. S. Interstate 15, and north to Death Valley Junction

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Locations: Tecopa.  



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  • Furnace Creek Road, north past Tecopa Hot Springs and Grimshaw Lake, to CA Highway 127.

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Locations: Resting Spring.  

Resting Springs

Resting Springs was an important stop on the Old Spanish Trail.

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Locations: Emigrant Pass. Kingston Range.  

Emigrant Pass

The tracks of the Old Spanish Trail can still be seen here.

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Kingston Range as seen in late afternoon from Emigrant Pass.

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  • Mesquite Valley Road, back to the southwest to Tule Spring.
    Pahrump Valley

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Junction: Black Butte Road
    California above
Nevada below
  Full Size Image Field trip stop in Pahrump Valley    

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View of Pahrump Valley, looking northwest.

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Size Image Spiny Menodora (Menodora spinescens) near Stump Spring  

  • Stump Spring Road, southeast past Stump Spring to Sandy Valley.

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  • Nevada Highway 160, northwest to Pahrump, southeast to Las Vegas.
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