Eastern Mojave Vegetation Colorado State Highway 8  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Denver to Morrison.

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Junction: US Highway 285
  Junction: Willow Springs Road



The Fort

  Ranch Road
  Junction: Turkey Creek Road

Locations: Mount Glennon Park.  

The hogback to the east is Mt Glennon and Mt Glennon Park, no access.

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Locations: Mount Falcon Park.  

Junction: Forest Avenue, take Forest Avenue, then Vine Street to trailhead for Mt Falcon Park.



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Full Size ImageNico tries using an air chisel.  

Morrison Natural History Museum

  Junction: Canyon Vista Drive
  Junction: Summer Street
  Cross Bear Creek.
  Junction: Bear Creek Avenue
  Junction: Bear Creek Lane
  Junction: Canon Street

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Above this intersection, Colorado 8 runs to the south. Junction:
  • Colorado State Highway 74, Bear Creek Road
  • Maple Street

Below this intersection, Colorado State Highway 8 turns east as Morrison Road.

  Junction: South Park Avenue
  Junction: Beckett Lane




  Junction: Stone Street
  Junction: Market Street

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Junction: Jefferson County Road 93

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Junction: South Rooney Road

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Junction: Colorado State Highway 470
  Junction: Colorado State Highway 391, Kipling Parkway

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Junction: Colorado State Highway 121, Wadsworth Boulevard
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