Eastern Mojave Vegetation The Gap Road, Esmeralda County, Nevada  

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 I don't know whether this road has a name or not. Google Maps show a portion of this to be Emigrant Pass Road, but the routing looks a little fishy to me. I have called the portion from Nevada 773 near US Hwy 6 south to The Crossing "The Gap Road."

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Junction: Nevada State Route 773, just south of US Hwy 6.

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Full Size ImageSpring mound in the gap.
Full Size ImageWatercourse crossing in the Gap.  

Full Size Image
Zebra-tailed lizard in The Gap.
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 1150, Psorothamnus polydenius var. polydenius
Spring mound on small road to east.

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Full Size ImageThe Gap, looking south into Fish Lake Valley.  

Looking south through The Gap.

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Full Size ImageThe Gap looking north.  

Looking north through The Gap.



Locations: The Gap.  

The Gap


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Full Size ImageLook south from the approximate middle of The Gap  

Looking south out of The Gap.
  The road to the southeast may be Emigrant Pass Road.



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The Crossing

Junction: Coyote Road




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