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Locations: Steens Mountain.  

Steens Mountain


Literature Cited:
- Hooper, P. R., G. B. Binger, and K. R. Lees., 2002.

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Hooper, Binger and Lees (2002) used geochemical data to show that the Steens Basalt correlates with the Lower Pole Creek unit of the Basalt of Malheur Gorge. This means that the present Steens Mountain was over or near to the Yellowstone hot spot at 16 M.a.

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Literature Cited

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  Hooper, P. R., G. B. Binger, and K. R. Lees. 2002. Ages of the Steens and Columbia River flood basalts and their relationship to extension-related calc-alkalic volcanism in eastern Oregon. GSA Bulletin. 114(1):43-50.
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