Eastern Mojave Vegetation Species Distribution List for Frasera albomarginata S. Watson  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page   This list is assembled from personal collections, herbarium vouchers, and published lists.
  Apache County
G.N.I.S.   Canyon de Chelly:
- Navajo Nation. Just outside Canyon de Chelly National Monument. On the south side of the highway, on the north side of Canyon de Chelly. (36.1707N, 109.4547W, Re-located at a generic location along the highway on the north side of Canyon de Chelly.) Sandy soils. Bromus tectorum, Salsola iberica, Gutierrezia sarothrae, Heterotheca villosa, Sporobolus. G. Rink 3462. 7/10/2004 (NAVA10160).
G.N.I.S.   Petrified Forest National Park:
- 1/4 mi. E. boundary Petrified Nat. For., (Col: 35.0517N, 109.4823W) Bassett Maguire 12200. (RM187016, MO, UTC42792). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- (Col: 35.0881N, 109.8065W) G. E. Osterhout 6746. (RM161560). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- South entrance (Col: 34.7944N, 109.8916W) R. H. Peebles and E. Q. Smith 13965. 6/15/1938 [Editorial Comments: 2007, ARIZ gives geographic coordinates of (35.0478, -109.8029). However this location is the road overcrossing of I-40, near the north entrance. I have changed to geographic coordinates to (34.79439, -10989160) which more closely corresponds the to South entrance to the Park. ]) (US, ARIZ70777, NY, GH). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Witch Well Trading Post:
- 9 miles south of Witch Well, Apache County (Col: 34.7726N, 109.2399W) Sandy bluff. One small colony, only this in flower. H. D. Ripley and R. C. Barneby 8426. 5/31/1947 [Editorial Comments: 2009, Geographic coordinates estimated from written location description. ]) (CAS337440).
  Cochise County
G.N.I.S.   Johnson:
- Near Johnson, 4,500-7,000 ft. (32.1031N, 110.0662W, near-by location.) Flora of Arizona Kearney & Peebles 1/1/1960 (Kearney, Thomas H., Robert H. Peebles, et al., 1960).
- (Col: 32.1330N, 110.0778W) Tom Schweich 4/26/2011
- (Col: 32.1372N, 110.0791W) Tom Schweich 4/26/2011
- (Col: 32.1343N, 110.0754W) Tom Schweich 4/26/2011
- (Col: 32.1326N, 110.0756W) Tom Schweich 4/26/2011
- (Col: 32.1324N, 110.0756W) Tom Schweich 4/26/2011
- (Col: 32.1291N, 110.0759W) Tom Schweich 4/26/2011
- (Col: 32.1179N, 110.0694W) Tom Schweich 4/26/2011
- 3 miles north of Johnson (Col: 32.1466N, 110.0656W) on alluvial soil from limestone ridge with mesquite; mesquite-Flourensia association R. A. Darrow 3451. 5/3/1946 (ARIZ70778, CAS333441). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Four miles north of Exit 322 of US Interstate 10 on N. 7 Dash Road, at the north boundary of the private property of the Nord Resources, Inc., Johnson Camp Mine. This location is about 2 miles north of the former town of Johnson. (Col: 32.1296N, 110.0756W) Access and permission to collect courtesy of Nord Resources, Inc. Tom Schweich 731. 4/26/2011 (UCR250009, UC1980508).
- 3.3 miles north of Exit 322 of US Interstate 10 on N. 7 Dash Road, near the north boundary of the private property of the Nord Resources, Inc., Johnson Camp Mine. This location is about 1.5 miles north of the former town of Johnson. (Col: 32.1219N, 110.0707W) Access and permission to collect courtesy of Nord Resources, Inc. Tom Schweich 742. 4/26/2011 (UC1980502).
G.N.I.S.   Little Dragoon Mountains:
- Foothills of Little Dragoon Mountains, ca. 3.2 mi from pavement at Johnson Road exit of I-10, beyond Arimetco mine pit (Col: 32.1154N, 110.0741W) Abundant along disturbed roadside in overgrazed grassland R. K. Van Devender and W. D. Peachey 93618. 5/5/1993 [Editorial Comments: 2007, Coordinates given by ARIZ (31.9395, -109.9820) place the collection in the higher elevations of the Dragoon Mountains. Written description of the collection location would indicate coordinates closer to (32.1154, -110.0741) ]) (ARIZ).
G.N.I.S.   Tres Alamos Wash:
- 7.3 mi SW of Hooker Hot Springs on Pomerene Road (14S 21E 23 23 SE 1/4) (Col: 32.2029N, 110.1731W) locally common in desert scrub T. R. Van Devender and F. W. Reichenbacher 5/22/1980 [Editorial Comments: 2007, Geographic coordinates and PLSS description indicate a location 10 miles south-southeast of Hooker Hot Springs. ]) (ARIZ).
  Coconino County
G.N.I.S.   Buckskin Mountains:
- Near Parker. (36.9478N, 112.1652W, near-by location.) Per Lenz (1986), this collection was more likely made in Coconino County, Arizona. Marcus E. Jones 6/19/1890 (POM76532). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Cedar Ridge:
- Navajo Nation, 1.5 mi W of Cedar Ridge, ca. 0.8 mi S of BIA rte 6110; (Col: 36.3667N, 111.5333W) Moenkopis Shale, 5 degree SE arroyo slope, pinyon-juniper vegetation. Hilaria jamesii, Salvia dorrii, Purshia stansburiana. B. Hevron 1966. 5/26/1993 (ASC55836).
- Navajo Nation; Cedar Ridge dump. In small SE arroyo, 5 degree slope (36.4480N, 111.5685W, near-by location.) Area heavily disturbed by roads. On Moenkopi shale. Pinion-Juniper, Hilaria jamesii, Salvia dorrii, Purshia stansburiana, Ephedra torreyana, Oryzopsis hymenoides, Gutierrzia sarothrae, Yucca baccata, Thelesperma subnudum, and Astragalus moencoppensis. B. Hevron 1966.1 (NAVA3815).
- Navajo Nation; Cedar Ridge dump. In small SE arroyo, 5 degree slope (36.4480N, 111.5685W, near-by location.) Area heavily disturbed by roads. On Moenkopi shale. Pinion-Juniper, Hilaria jamesii, Salvia dorrii, Purshia stansburiana, Ephedra torreyana, Oryzopsis hymenoides, Gutierrzia sarothrae, Yucca baccata, Thelesperma subnudum, and Astragalus moencoppensis. B. Hevron 1966.2 (NAVA3814).
- Navajo Nation, Cedar Ridge Dump in small SE arroyo, 5 degree slope, area heavily disturbed by roads, on Moenkopi Shale, pinyon-juniper vegetation. (Col: 36.3930N, 111.5270W) Hilaria jamesii, Salvia dorrii, Purshia stansburiana, Ephedra torreyana, Oryzopsis hymenoides, Gutierrezia sarothrae, Yucca baccata, Thelesperma subnudum, Astragalus moencoppensis. B. Hevron 1966.3 5/26/1993 (NAVA3525, ASC68822).
G.N.I.S.   Darwin Plateau:
- (36.2003N, 112.3891W, near-by location.) A. C. Hawbecker 52. 6/26/1935 (UC1741059).
G.N.I.S.   Grand Canyon:
- (Col: 36.0544N, 112.1393W) A. E. Hitchcock 48. (US). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Near El Tovar, Grand Canyon of the Colorado River (Col: 36.0575N, 112.1371W) Alice Eastwood 3781. 9/26/1913 (ARIZ, CAS33862). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- (Col: 36.0544N, 112.1393W) Alice Eastwood 5683. (GH, CAS33861). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- (Col: 36.0544N, 112.1393W) C. L. Hitchcock, Roland V. Rethke, and R. van Raadshooven 4513. 8/5/1938 (CAS267635, CAS256938, NA, WS, WTU). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- (Col: 36.0544N, 112.1393W) G. E. Osterhout 6977. (RM, OKL, RSA183016). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- (Col: 36.0544N, 112.1393W) Henry H. Rusby 8/20/1915 (NY188588, NY188590). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Arizona, Coconino County, South of Grand Canyon. Highway 64 (36.0544N, 112.1393W, near-by location.) Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Ramsey 2860. 10/15/1937 (POM308061).
- Margina of leaf white. Grand Canyon, So. Rim, Yavapai Point. (36.0544N, 112.1393W, near-by location.) Exposed, bright area. Joe Comstock 3.7 6/10/1942 (RSA392160).
- Common perennial, petals green-white. Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim, along Rim Trail between Yavapai Point and Bright Angel Trailhead. (Col: 36.0571N, 112.1291W) Chamaebatiaria, Pinus. J. Ricketson and J. Grant 1391. 6/19/1984 (ASC40024).
- 10 miles south of South entrance to Grand Canyon National Park (Col: 35.9094N, 112.1386W) along roadside in yellow pine forest K. F. Parker 6023. 7/15/1946 (ARIZ).
- Flowers greenish-yellow with purple flocks; common in yellow pine openings. 4 miles south of south entrance to Grand Canyon National Park. (Col: 35.9964N, 112.1386W) common in yellow pine openings K. F. Parker, E. McClintock, and G. T. Robbins 6181. 8/14/1946 (UC737082, ARIZ).
- Grand Canyon, Bright Angel. (Col: 36.0544N, 112.1393W) Marcus E. Jones 7/22/1920 (DS169106, CAS194383, POM, POM118137). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Verbatim Location: "El Tobar" (Col: 36.0544N, 112.1393W) Marcus E. Jones 6/14/1929 (POM161497). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Occasional. Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim Grand Canyon, E of Mather Point; (Col: 36.0556N, 112.1389W) pinyon-juniper woodland. N. Brian 95207. 7/26/1995 (ASC59518).
- (Col: 36.0544N, 112.1393W) O. Degener 4417. (Unknown?). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- (Col: 36.0544N, 112.1393W) V. Rattan (POM128265). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Rare herbaceous perennial, flowers yellow-cream. Grand Canyon National Park, South Bass Trail, on Esplanade. (Col: 36.2007N, 112.3748W) Pinus edulis, Juniperus osteosperma, Yucca elata, Yucca baccata, Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia, Coleogyne ramosissima, Quercus turbinella, Agave utahensis utahensis, Nolina microcarpa, Gilia, Ericameria nauseosa juncea, Opuntia phaeacantha, Ephedra nevaden Wendy C. Hodgson, and Kate Watters 20375. (DES61637).
- Occasional herbaceous perennial with stout , yellow tap root. Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Vanyon National Park, along Thunder River Trail, within 1/3 mi of edge of Red Wall before descent into Surprise Valley; on Esplanade formation, area with much exposed rock. (Col: 36.4092N, 112.4714W) Agave utahensis utahensis, Ephedra, Arctostaphylos, Nolina aff. Microcarpa, Shepherdia, Yucca angustissima kanabensis, Pinus edulis, Psilostrophe, Quercus turbinella, etc. (see label) W. Hodgson with B. & E. Anderson 8338. 6/9/1994 (GCNP64877, ASC57010).
G.N.I.S.   Grasshopper Point:
- Oak Creek Canyon, near Grasshopper Pont; roadcut in chaparral vegetation. (Col: 34.9124N, 111.7269W) Penstemon palmeri, Verbena goodingii R. Graybosch 1299. 5/4/1981 (ASC46588).
G.N.I.S.   Midgely Bridge:
- Greenish corolla. Oak Creek Canyon, Midgely Bridge area. (Col: 34.9124N, 111.7269W) C. Laurie 18. 5/3/1972 (ASC33042).
- Midgely Bridge, Wilson Canyon Trail (Col: 34.8879N, 111.7414W) Open rocky slope, red rock soils, scattered pinon, juniper, cypress and shrubs, Pinus edulis, Cupressus arizonica, Ceanothus greggii, Fraxinus anomala, Cercocarpus montanus, Garrya wrightii, Gutierrezia sarothrae, Aristida purpurea, Hesperostipa neomexicana, Lesquerella cinerea, Hymenoxys cooperi, Hedeoma drummondii, Rhus ovata, Arct M. Licher 1243. 5/22/2005 (ASC83638).
- Coconino National Forest, Oak Creek Canyon, Midgely Bridge. (Col: 35.0044N, 111.7347W) M. Paluska 5/8/1966 (ASC16562).
G.N.I.S.   Oak Creek Canyon:
- Coconino National Forest, Oak Creek Canyon, Midgely Bridge. (Col: 35.0044N, 111.7347W) Chester F. Deaver 76. 6/6/1941 (NA, ASC769). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Eight miles south of Oak Creek Lodge, south of Flagstaff. (Col: 34.8910N, 111.7376W) Growing on exposed slopes; abundant. David R. Goddard 608. 6/14/1927 [Editorial Comments: 2007, Coordinates approximate, location description indicates that collection was made in the Wilson Canyon or Casner Canyon area. ]) (UC717830, UC505400).
- Oak Creek, Arizona Territory. (34.9411N, 111.7510W, near-by location.) Henry H. Rusby 725. 6/22/1883 (UC105617, NY188593, NY188591, NY188592).
- 3 mi N of Sedona on Highway 89A. (Col: 34.9132N, 111.7603W) S. Sader 5/1/1972 (ASC21804).
G.N.I.S.   Rowes Well:
- (36.0344N, 112.1804W, near-by location.) grows under Ponderosa pines and limestone Rose E. Collom 12. 8/5/1939 [Editorial Comments: 2007, There is Rowe Well, Rowes Well, Rowes Tank, and Rowe Well Picnic Area all in this vicinity. While the Collection does not specify County name, it seems reasonable to assume this is the location named "Rowe." ]) (ARIZ369229).
G.N.I.S.   South Big Saddle Point:
- (Col: 36.4300N, 112.3831W) IMG_24430.jpg Jim Boone 6/28/2009
  Mohave County
G.N.I.S.   Agway Valley:
- USA, Arizona, Mohave County, BLM rd. south of Poverty Mountain and southwest of Salt Spring (Col: 36.3467N, 113.4770W) Verbatim Coordinates: TRS: T34N R11W Andrew Salywon, John Anderson & Raul Puente 1109. 5/21/2001 (ASU240384).
- Along road to Andrus Canyon and Grassy Mountains (Col: 36.2778N, 113.4669W) among Pinyon-Juniper C. T. Mason and J. R. Reeder 3272. 6/6/1977 (ARIZ).
G.N.I.S.   Andrus Canyon:
- USA, Arizona, Mohave County, Head of Andrus Canyon, Grassy Mountain Quad. (Col: 36.2597N, 113.4950W) Habitat: Juniperus - pinon pine association, disturbed by grading, on gentle slope, near drainage. Verbatim Coordinates: TRS: T33N R11W S17 Wendy C. Hodgson 4580. 6/4/1987 (ASU151055, UCR49015).
G.N.I.S.   Cane Springs:
- Pocum Wash, about 18 miles west of Wolf Hole, near Cane Spring (Col: 36.6544N, 113.7856W) C. T. Mason, R. L. Gilbertson, and R. H. Hevly 2826. 6/8/1968 (ASC17918).
G.N.I.S.   Cottonwood Spring:
- Near Cottonwood Spring (15N 28W 02) (36.7208N, 113.8758W, near-by location.) C. T. Mason and W. S. Philips 2890. 6/18/1969 [Editorial Comments: 2007, ARIZ gives PLSS location of "15N 28W 02" and geographic coordinates of 34.67N, 114.1W. The best "match" I could find is the Cottonwood Spring at "R15W T38N 02", and geographic coordinates of 36.7208, -113.8758. ]) (ARIZ).
  Hualapai Mountains, East Base:
- (Col: 35.1602N, 113.8047W) John L. Anderson 2/3/2012
- (Col: 35.1594N, 113.8056W) John L. Anderson 2/3/2012
- east base of Hualapai Mountains (35.1000N, 113.8000W, ) F. Shreve 6311. (ARIZ). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- USA, Arizona, Mohave County, Peacock Mountain Road. south of I- 40. Hualapai Peak 7.5' Quad. Infrequent along Peacock Mountain Rd. (Col: 35.1596N, 113.8080W) Habitat: Chaparral. Verbatim Coordinates: TRS: T21N R14W S31 M. Butterwick 5238. 6/29/1979 (ASU114286).
- USA, Arizona, Mohave County, Peacock Mountain Rd. 6.2 mi south of Hwy 93. (Col: 35.1018N, 113.8010W) Habitat: Chaparral; Swertia on open slope. Agave McKelviana on slope. Cactus on slope. Associated Species: Quercus turbinella, Canotia, Forestiera, Arctostaphylos pungens, Gutierrezia... Verbatim Coordinates: TRS: T20N R14W S19 T. Reeves, with R.K.Gierisch 5508. 5/24/1977 (ASU91763).
G.N.I.S.   Kaibab Paiute Reservation:
- (Col: 36.9167N, 112.7008W) west-facing slope L. N. Goodding 6/3/1938 (ARIZ).
G.N.I.S.   Maple Canyon:
- 15.8 miles south of I-15 on the Black Rock Mountain road (Col: 36.8036N, 113.6716W) on gentle slopes next to the road, with Pinyon-Juniper, in rocky soil J. W. Grimes with Barbara Meurer-Grimes 2920. 5/24/1986 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Geographic coordinates and name of location have been estimated from written location description. ]) (NY188584).
G.N.I.S.   McDonald Flat:
- Arizona, Mohave County, on Shivwitz (sic) Plateau, about 135 km south of Saint George, Utah, and about 110 km south of the Utah line (3612'50"N, 11336'07"W) (T.33N., R.12 W., Sec. 32) (Col: 36.2140N, 113.6020W) plants short-lived, mainly biennial, petals white, finely flecked with purple, the fringed gland borne well above the middle, on gravelly knoll, in open Juniper woodland Arthur J. Cronquist 11825. 7/22/1983 (UTC182669, NY188586, CAS800266).
G.N.I.S.   Mokaac Pass:
- BLM, Mokaac Pass;pinyon-juniper-big sage brush vegetation, rocky loam soil. (36.8245N, 113.5717W, ) R. E. Coombs, R. K. Gierisch, C. E. Bundy 2540. 6/21/1978 [Editorial Comments: 2007, Mokaac Pass is not a location recognized by the GNIS. This location may be Quail Hill. ]) (BLM, St. George, Utah, ARIZ, ASU102268, ASC33688).
- About 2 km north of summit of Mokaac Pass and 1 km southeast of Quail Hill, 32 km south of St. George, Utah. (Col: 36.8180N, 113.5589W) Growing in the road cut through reddish calcareous material. No Swertia albomarginata were found on hill slope either above or below the road Tom Schweich 547. 6/9/2008 [Editorial Comments: 2/22/2011, My images IMG_0947.img, IMG_0948.jpg, and IMG_0950.jpg. ]) (CAS, UC1973801).
G.N.I.S.   Mokiak Pass:
- Sometimes also spelled Mokiak. (36.8283N, 113.5677W, near-by location.) Edward Palmer 305. 1/1/1877 (NY188589, GH, MO, NY188648). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Mount Trumbull:
- (36.4100N, 113.1383W, near-by location.) Lee Hughes, BLM, St. George, Utah, personal communication, May 26, 1998 5/26/1998
- 5 miles east of Mt. Turnbull Village. (36.4100N, 113.1383W, near-by location.) A. & B. Phillips 77193. (BLM, St. George, Utah).
- USA, ARIZONA, Mohave County, Mount Trumbull Area, 2 miles W of Mount Trumbull along County Rd 5 (Col: 36.4167N, 113.1667W) Habitat: pinon-juniper woodland Verbatim Coordinates: 36d 25m s N 113d 10m s J.D. Springer 8/3/1996 (ASC61089).
- USA, Arizona, Mohave, Kaibab National Forest: Mount Trumbull, inside endlosure. (Col: 36.3764N, 113.2613W) Verbatim Coordinates: T34N R9W S4. Walter G. Mann 13.2 6/5/1926 (RM37581).
G.N.I.S.   Music Mountains:
- 14.7 miles by Buck and Doe Road to Milkweed Canyon Road, then 2.5 miles south by road. Hualapai Indian Reservation. 22N 14W 06 6 SE 1/4 SW 1/4 (Col: 35.5877N, 113.7084W) uncommon in Great Basin Conifer Woodland F. W. Reichenbacher 1642. 7/24/1984 [Editorial Comments: 2007, The geographic coordinates given by ARIZ (35.3192,-113.8076) are in the north tip of the Peacock Mountains. However, the description of the location would indicate the collection was made in the Music Mountains about 10 miles north northwest of the Peacock Mountains. This location described, out on Buck and Doe Road and then south is west of Peach Springs, and north of Hackberry, at approximate geographic coordinates of (35.58768, -113.70839). ]) (ARIZ283322).
G.N.I.S.   Pipe Spring:
- (Col: 36.8667N, 112.7417W) R. H. Peebles 13080. 6/8/1936 (ARIZ70776, US). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Potato Valley:
- In Potato Valley near Mount Trumbull between Mount Trumbull community and the mountain (Col: 36.4100N, 113.1383W) Pinyon Pine - Juniper forest C. T. Mason, B. Philips, R. L. Gilberston, and A. Philips 3079. 6/4/1972 (CAS575338, ARIZ).
- Mount Trumbull, 5 miles west of Nixon Spring. (Col: 36.4100N, 113.1383W) in Juniper-Pinyon belt W. P. Cottam 8715. 6/15/1941 [Editorial Comments: 2007, 5 miles west of Nixon Spring would be in the middle of Potato Valley. ]) (ARIZ).
G.N.I.S.   Poverty Mountain:
- USA, Arizona, Mohave, Ca. 1 mi W of Poverty Spring on S side of Poverty Mtn on BLM Rd 1018. (36.4030N, 113.4991W, near-by location.) N. Duane Atwood, with Shane Atwood 32639. 5/20/2009 (BRY614923).
- USA, Arizona, Mohave, AZ Strip. South of Poverty Mtn @ headwaters of Parashant. (Col: 36.3663N, 113.5305W) Habitat: Wash bottom. N. Duane Atwood 32649.2 5/20/2009 (BRY614933).
- USA, Arizona, Mohave County, Just south of Poverty Mountains, 6.5 mi northeast of Mount Trumbull- Grassy Mountain Road intersection. (Col: 36.3756N, 113.4950W) Habitat: Just off dirt road. Verbatim Coordinates: TRS: T34N R11W S05 Wendy C. Hodgson 4577. 6/2/1987 (ASU151062).
G.N.I.S.   Quail Hill:
- USA, Arizona, Mohave County, BLM Arizona Strip District. Ca. 18 -19 mi south of St. George. A flat saddle between higher hills. (Col: 36.8259N, 113.5710W) Habitat: Loose sandy-clay soil with limestone gravels. In scattered patches. Associated Species: Juniper, Artemisia tridentata, hoarhound, snakeweed? Verbatim Coordinates: TRS: T40N R12W S34 Daevid Lutz 11. 4/23/1987 (ASU177267).
G.N.I.S.   Seegmiller Mountain:
- Arizona, Mohave County, south end of Sigmiller (sic) Mountain, Sullivan Draw, 22 airline miles south of St. George, and 27 road miles (3646'52"N, 11332'09"W). (Col: 36.7810N, 113.5360W) in Pinyon-Juniper woodland, mostly under the trees Noel H. Holmgren 3357. 5/26/1969 (UTC132303, NY188587).
G.N.I.S.   Shivwits Plateau:
- USA, ARIZONA, Mohave County, Rim of Twin Springs Canyon (Col: 36.1013N, 113.6062W) Associated Species: Juniperus osteospermum, Bouteloua gracilis, Artemisia tridentata Verbatim Coordinates: UTM: 3998328N 265383E 12S. GRCA 95815 (acc. GRCA-05522) G. Rink 8278. 9/2/2008 (ASC93204).
- USA, ARIZONA, Mohave County, Rim of Twin Springs Canyon (36.4166N, 113.5011W, near-by location.) Associated Species: Pinus monophylla, Juniperus osteosperma, Purshia stansburiana, Artemisia tridentata, Guttierezia sarothrae, Berberis fremontii, Quercus gambelii Verbatim Coordinates: UTM: 12S 3998437N 264987E G. Rink 8624. 7/9/2009 (ASC98336).
G.N.I.S.   Short Creek:
- 5-6 miles southeast of Short Creek (Col: 36.9178N, 113.1896W) along sandy wash among junipers J. P. Hester 680.3 6/12/1944 (ARIZ).
G.N.I.S.   Uinkaret Plateau:
- Ca. 58 roadmiles SW of Fredonia, Uinkaret Plateau, 2.4 mi by Mount Trumbull Village Road , W of BLM facility at south base of Mount Trumbull (Col: 36.4750N, 113.1088W) uncommon, roadside F. W. Reichenbacher 1606. 7/11/1984 (ARIZ).
G.N.I.S.   Vermilion Cliffs:
- (36.9253N, 112.8419W, near-by location.) S. D. McKelvey 4426. (GH). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Wolf Hole:
- on Grand Wash - Pakoon road 10.5 miles southwest of Wolf Hole (Col: 36.6831N, 113.6805W) among Junipers on limestone R. C. Barneby 18117. 5/9/1986 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Grand Wash-Pakoon road is probably Mohave County Route 101 "Mud Mountain Road." Geographic coordinates have been estimated from location description. ]) (NY188585).
  Mohave/Yavapai County
  Ruble Ranch:
- (No coordinates) C. C. Michaels 2116. 6/30/1959 [Editorial Comments: 2007, Unable to determine the location of Ruble Ranch. ]) (ARIZ).
  Navajo County
G.N.I.S.   Humpy Wash:
- Navajo Nation; NW of Winslow. In Humpy Wash which enters Cottonwood Wash, SW of Flat Top Butte. Edge of Wash (35.1253N, 110.3932W, near-by location.) B. Hevron 691. (NAVA1617, NAVA1618).
G.N.I.S.   Navajo County:
- (35.5949N, 110.3554W, near-by location.) (Kearney, Thomas H., Robert H. Peebles, et al., 1960).
  Yavapai County
G.N.I.S.   Camp Verde:
- White-margined Green gentian. Verde Valley, ca. 5 mi E of Camp Verde, small white knoll W of FS 618 (Beaver Creek Rd) T13N R5E Sec.1 SWSW. (Col: 34.5475N, 111.7732W) Lower Verde Formation white gypsum hillside, Arizona Upland Sonoran Desert w/ Interior Chaparral shrubs Salix, Populus, Canotia holacantha, Purshia stansburiana, Juniperus coahuilensis John L. Anderson and Dan Godec 9916. 1/1/1999 (DES50989).
G.N.I.S.   Duff Flat:
- Abundant perennial, petals greenish-white. Clarkdale Quad, along FR 761C; on hillside. (Col: 34.8547N, 112.0329W) Bromus. J. Ricketson 1227. 5/18/1984 (ASC39711).
  Inyo County
G.N.I.S.   Dry Mountain:
- (36.9088N, 117.5979W, near-by location.) (DeDecker, Mary, 1984).
G.N.I.S.   Last Chance Mountain:
- On bench below summit. (Col: 37.2613N, 117.6851W) Gravelly soil. Tom Schweich 266. 10/7/2000
G.N.I.S.   Last Chance Range:
- (36.9088N, 117.5979W, near-by location.) (DeDecker, Mary, 1984).
- Last Chance Mountains, Death Valley drainage. Ridge west of Last Chance Springs. (36.9088N, 117.5979W, near-by location.) Scattered Pinyon Juniper Mary DeDecker 4322. 6/21/1977 (RSA621405).
G.N.I.S.   Willow Spring:
- 2.5 miles south of Willow Spring, Last Chance Mountains (37.3330N, 117.7045W, near-by location.) Flowers greenish-white, scattered on dry rocky ridge and north slopes with Pinus monophylla, John C. Roos 6437. 6/19/1955 (DS495031).
  San Bernardino County
G.N.I.S.   Caruthers Canyon:
- in Pinyon pine, elevation 5400 feet; 4th of July Canyon, New York Mountains. (35.2103N, 115.2880W, near-by location.) Annie M. Alexander and Louise Kellogg 1461. 5/14/1940 (UC666190, GH, DS309836).
- E. Mojave Desert, New York Mts., Caruthers Canyon, Elev c. 6100 ft., Sandy soil among granitic boulders. (35.2103N, 115.2880W, near-by location.) Pinyon-Juniper wd. Assoc. spp: Pinus monophylla diphylla, Juniperis osteosperma, Quercus chrysolepis, Forsellesia nevadensis, Fraxinus anomala, Artemisia nova, etc. Robert F. Thorne, W. Wisura, C. Davidson, and B. Prigge 49249. 5/29/1977 (RSA278251).
G.N.I.S.   Cedar Canyon:
- Eastern edge of Cedar Canyon on Cima-Lanfair Valley Road, San Bernardino Cty. (Col: 35.1617N, 115.3607W) Sagebrush-Juniper association. Alt. 5000 Roxanna S. Ferris 9862. 6/26/1940 (DS278091, UC878292).
G.N.I.S.   Clark Mountain:
- (35.5253N, 115.5892W, near-by location.) Alan Romspert 5/20/1995
- Flowered branchlets, flowers 4 petals, green North slope Clark Mt. (Col: 35.5448N, 115.5681W) Annie M. Alexander and Louise Kellogg 841. 6/26/1939 [Editorial Comments: 2007, I dont know the actual collection location for this collection. However, for mapping purposes I have used a location on the north slopes of Clark Mountain where I have observed Swertia albomarginata. ]) (JEPS68729, UC625807).
- Clark Mountain Region (35.5253N, 115.5892W, near-by location.) Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Ramsey 743. 5/25/1940 (RSA305428).
G.N.I.S.   Clark Mountain Range:
- E. Mojave Desert, Clark Mtn Range: ridge of dolomitized limestone just south of Frank Curtis' mine (Juniper Claims). Ele. C. 5800 Ft. (Col: 35.5500N, 115.5670W) Pinyon-juniper wd. Assoc. Spp: Pinus monophylla, Juniperus osteosperma, Frasera albomarginata, Penstemon thompsoniae, Menodora scoparia, Caulanthus crassicaulis, Physaria chambersii, Hymenopappus filifolius, eripodus, Hymenoxis acaulis, etc. Robert F. Thorne, L. DeBuhr, W. Wisura, and B. Priggee 49466. 6/24/1977 [Editorial Comments: 2009, The Juniper claims are in T17N R13E, Sec. 21,22. ]) (RSA275428, CAS1006022, UTC166091, UCR32244).
  Coliseum Mine:
- Mojave Desert Clark Mt., Coliseum Mine, 1 mile south of. (35.5701N, 115.5664W, near-by location.) Carl B. Wolf 9589. 5/25/1940 (RSA23547).
- Scattered on dry rocky limestone north slope with Pinus monophylla, Juniperus utahensis, Solidago Petrdoria, etc., Clark Mts., 1 mile south of Coliseum Mine, eastern Mohave Desert. (35.5701N, 115.5664W, near-by location.) John C. Roos 4967. 9/2/1950 (RSA86874).
G.N.I.S.   Giant Ledge Mine:
- Caruthers Canyon, New York Mountains, 300 km northeast of Los Angeles, California. (Col: 35.2550N, 115.3002W) Collection has buds, but no flowers. Tom Schweich 186. 5/25/1998 (Zzyzx s.n.).
G.N.I.S.   Keystone Canyon:
- California, San Bernardino County, Mojave Desert, New York Mountains, Keystone Canyon (35.2717N, 115.2755W, near-by location.) perennial, height 1-1.5 ft., flower, common, upper Sonoran Life Zone Carl B. Wolf 9027. 7/30/1937 (CAS381164, DS343755, NY188577, RSA20933).
- (35.2717N, 115.2755W, near-by location.) Carl B. Wolf and P. C. Everett 9027. (NY188577, RSA). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- San Bernardino Co.; Keystone Spring, near head of Keystone Canyon, east side of New York Mountains, Dry rocky canyon, sloping east. (35.2717N, 115.2755W, near-by location.) Pinyon-Juniper woodland with Quercus chrysolepis, Garrye flavescens, Symphoricarpus longiflorus, Ipomopsis aggregata, Ceanothus greggii. Christopher Davidson 5795. 5/28/1977 (RSA392152).
- Eastern Mojave Desert; New York Mts: Keystone Canyon (Col: 35.2686N, 115.2940W) Ed La Rue 9233. 5/24/1992 (UCR82139).
- Eastern Mojave Desert; New York Mountains, Keystone Canyon (Col: 35.2667N, 115.3000W) Steep north slope (rock slide). Rocky slopes near canyon bottom. J. Roos 4419. 6/20/1949 (RSA RSA, UCR23695). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Pinto Mountain:
- South slope. (Col: 35.1754N, 115.3868W) Winkler Formation (Tertiary lacustrine limestone). Uncommon. Tom Schweich 47. 5/1/1996 (Zzyzx s.n.).
G.N.I.S.   Providence Mountains:
- (34.9667N, 115.5469W, near-by location.) (Brandegee, T. S., 1903).
- (34.9667N, 115.5469W, near-by location.) T. S. Brandegee 6/6/1902 (US, UC105621). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Sagamore Canyon:
- San Bernardino Co., California; 12 (air) miles ENE of Cima in Sagamore Canyon in SE New York Mts. In Sagamore Mine, (35.2589N, 115.2911W, near-by location.) in limestone slopes with Pinus monophylla, Juniperus, Fraxinus, symphoricarpos, Artemisia arbuscula, Poa, Stipa, etc. Infrequent perennial. James S. Henrickson 10896. 6/21/1973 (DS734173).
G.N.I.S.   Sagamore Mine:
- narrow canyon above Sagamore Mine (35.2567N, 115.2853W, near-by location.) on rocky slopes in pinyon-juniper woodland with Pinus monophylla, Leucelene ericoides, Asclepias asperula, Cryptantha tumulosa, Mirabilis pumila, Tragia stylaris, Galium munzii, Petalostemon searlsiae, Forsellesia nevadensis, etc. R. F. Thorne 44166. 6/21/1973 (RSA252084, NY188565).
G.N.I.S.   Wild Horse Mesa:
- Eastern Mojave Desert Mid Hills: N end of Wildhorse Mesa, c. 5 mi NW of Hole-In-The-Wall (Col: 35.0480N, 115.4270W) White calcareus (clay) gravels in post-fire pinyon woodland, with Pinus monophylla, Hymenopappus filifolius, Cryptantha tumulosa, C. gracilis, Swertia albomarginatus. Jim Andre and R. Kelley 7480. 5/11/2006 (UCR175690).
- North slope, on Winkler Fm., Tertiary lacustrine limestone. (Col: 35.0471N, 115.4584W) Tom Schweich 25. 5/27/1993 (Zzyzx s.n.).
- (Col: 35.0471N, 115.4584W) Carbonate-based soils, north slope of Wild Horse Mesa. Uncommon. Tom Schweich 43. 4/30/1996 (Zzyzx s.n.).
- This specimen dried up when attempting to flower, and failed in bud. (35.0292N, 115.4508W, near-by location.) Tom Schweich 149.1 10/3/1997 (Zzyzx s.n.).
- North slope of Wild Horse Mesa, 5 km WNW of Hole-in-the-Wall. (Col: 35.0475N, 115.4573W) In open areas on broken limestones with little to no soil development. Tom Schweich 183. 5/29/1999 (UC(TAS), Zzyzx s.n.).
- 6 km west of Hole-in-the-Wall (35.0292N, 115.4508W, near-by location.) In Pinyon-Juniper forest on lacustrine limestone informally known as Winkler Formation Tom Schweich 288. 5/26/2001 (Zzyzx s.n.).
  Mesa County
G.N.I.S.   Grand Junction:
- "Grand Junction, Gunnison Mesa" (39.0639N, 108.5506W, near-by location.) Alice Eastwood 5/15/1916 (CAS33863).
  Montezuma County
G.N.I.S.   Chimney Rock Draw:
- W rim of Mesa Verde, ca 2.5 mi SE of Benchmark Towaoc 7049, E of Head Draw (Col: 37.0901N, 108.6642W) On sandy soil of gentle W. exposure with Artemisia, Purshia and Cercocarpus. B. Neely 4482. (UTC203642, CS178597).
G.N.I.S.   Cow Canyon:
- On Montezuma County Road CC approximately 14.4 km west of US Highway 491 at Pleasant View, Colorado, just past road 7.25 that goes to Lowry Ruin, 40 km by air northwest of Cortez, Colorado. (37.5875N, 108.9278W, Not sure how the original coordinates were determined. They are not, however, correct.) Growing in cut road bank on an ashy grey, possibly calcareous, soil. The material in this collection was broken and laying on the ground when the site was visited. Tom Schweich 533. 6/3/2008 [Editorial Comments: 2/22/2011, My images IMG_0791.jpg and IMG_0792.jpg. ]) (UC1973791).
G.N.I.S.   Mancos Canyon:
- Mancos Canyon, 1.1 mi W of jct with Ute Canyon (Col: 37.0614N, 108.5737W) S. O'Kane 2322. (CS178595).
- along Mancos River Canyon below Soda Tipoff, Mesa Verde (Col: 37.0901N, 108.6642W) Unknown 178598. (CA178598).
G.N.I.S.   Mesa Verde:
- S. W. Colorado (37.1500N, 108.5173W, near-by location.) Alice Eastwood 7/1/1889 (UC105620).
- (Col: 37.1500N, 108.5173W) Alice Eastwood 40770. (CAN). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- (Col: 37.1500N, 108.5173W) Alice Eastwood (COLO, US). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- (37.1500N, 108.5173W, near-by location.) T. S. Brandegee 1249. 1/1/1875 (MICH, MO, UC105622, PH). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Montezuma County:
- (37.3333N, 108.5506W, near-by location.) (Harrington, H. D., 1954).
G.N.I.S.   Pleasant View:
- 8 miles west of Ackmen, Montezuma Co. (Col: 37.5898N, 108.8854W) Pinyon-juniper association. Marion Ownbey 1466. 8/23/1937 [Editorial Comments: 2007, Some sources state that Ackmen is 3 miles southwest of Pleasant View. Others imply that they are in the same location. The geographic coordinates (37.58976, -108.88539) used by me are 8 miles west of the present-day location of Pleasant View. They appear on satellite photos to be in the middle of some plowed fields. ]) (MO, WS, WTU, NY, GH, COLO, RM, UTC34223, UC590172). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
  Soda Canyon Tip-off Trail:
- (37.1333N, 108.4661W, near-by location.) E. Anderson and R. S. Woodson 29006. (MO). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Soda Point:
- Soda Point, E rim of Chapin Mesa, Ute Mt Indian Lands (Col: 37.1188N, 108.4651W) On disturbed sites of gravel pitp; flat to rolling hills; with Melilotus and Sisymbrium. B. Neely 4498. (CS178596, UTC109156).
  Clark County
G.N.I.S.   Cabin Spring:
- (Col: 36.8497N, 115.1128W) IMG_23111-4.jpg Jim Boone 6/9/2009
  Charleston Park:
- Charleston Resort, Charleston Mts. (36.2572N, 115.6428W, near-by location.) Marcus E. Jones 7/3/1927 (CAS154847).
- Charleston Mts., Charleston Resort. (36.2572N, 115.6428W, near-by location.) Marcus E. Jones 7/4/1927 (POM147710).
- Edge of yellow pine belt 1.5 miles below Charleston Park, Charleston Mountains, Clark County. (36.2572N, 115.6428W, near-by location.) RoxamaS. Ferris 9868. 6/26/1940 (DS278093).
G.N.I.S.   Clark Canyon:
- (36.3152N, 115.8231W, near-by location.) gravelly, shrubby west wash, I. W. Clokey 7237. 7/12/1936 (UC900256).
- Clark Canyon. (Col: 36.1855N, 115.4923W) wooded wash, Juniper belt I. W. Clokey 7238. 6/1/1936 (UC900257, UTC31273, DS269967).
- (36.3152N, 115.8231W, near-by location.) Juniper belt. Gravelly, shrubby wash. I. W. Clokey 7241.1 7/12/1936 (UC900256).
- (36.3152N, 115.8231W, near-by location.) Juniper belt. Wooded Wash. I. W. Clokey 7241.2 6/1/1936 (UC900257).
- Most plants not elongated. Pahrump Valley, common, road from Wheeler Wash to Clark Canyon, between Clark and Wallace Canyons, sw. slope of Spring Mtns. (36.3152N, 115.8231W, near-by location.) J. C. Beatley 10739. 5/31/1970 (RSA223126).
G.N.I.S.   Cold Creek Spring:
- (Col: 36.4075N, 115.7511W) IMG_31394-6.jpg Jim Boone 6/11/2010
- (Col: 36.4108N, 115.7481W) IMG_31397.jpg Jim Boone 6/11/2010
G.N.I.S.   Deadman Canyon:
- (36.6300N, 115.2845W, near-by location.) Should be "Deadmans Canyon, See Sheep Mountains. 9/1/1995 (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Deadman Spring:
- Top of ridge at Deadmans Spring, Deadmans Canyon, Hidden Forest, Sheep Mts. (36.6227N, 115.2744W, near-by location.) Annie M. Alexander and Louise Kellogg 1641. 6/1/1940 (UC641168).
G.N.I.S.   Deer Creek:
- (Col: 36.1741N, 115.2643W) Hillside, with Pinus monophylla. I. W. Clokey 7239. 6/6/1936 (DS269965, UC900259, UTC31274, UTC65040).
- Basal lvs., gray-green with white margins, rootstock and roots yellow. 2/10 mi. north of Deer Creek (36.3135N, 115.6210W, near-by location.) In open woods of Pseudotsuga on dry slope. Robert T. Clausen and Harold Trapido 5117. 8/20/1940 (UC1505645, CAS1014673).
G.N.I.S.   Harris Springs:
- Harris Springs road, Charleston (Spring) Mountains, (Col: 36.1236N, 115.4220W) Gravelly ground, pinyon belt. I. W. Clokey 7622. 6/25/1937 [Editorial Comments: 2011, POM 247093, flowers on long petioles, cauline leaves opposite. ]) (POM247093, UTC122344, CAS260602, UC594207, DS688325, UC878291, UC900258, DS257759).
- On Harris Springs Road, 35 km west of Las Vegas, NV. (Col: 36.2478N, 115.5509W) Tom Schweich 258. 6/7/2000 (UC(TAS)).
G.N.I.S.   Kyle Canyon:
- Charleston Park. Wash. (36.2665N, 115.6085W, near-by location.) Yellow Pine belt. I. W. Clokey 7623. 6/30/1946 (UC900255, DS270431).
- Growing with pinyon-juniper, rabbit brush ca 1.2 mi NE of Deer Creek road & Kyle Canyon intersection, Spring Mtns T18S, R56E, Sec 25 (Col: 36.3576N, 115.6460W) Margaret J. Williams 791633. 7/26/1979 [Editorial Comments: 7/28/2009, This was an incomplete record in the data base, Swertia albomarginata? , 5/14/2010, Found at UTC. ]) (UTC171266).
- On an old gravel road, near the intersection of NV Hwy 157 (Kyle Canyon Road) and NV Hwy 158 (Deer Creek Road), 42 km west of Las Vegas, NV. (Col: 36.2648N, 115.6017W) Tom Schweich 257. 6/7/2000 (UC(TAS)).
G.N.I.S.   Lee Canyon:
- (Col: 36.3547N, 115.6414W) IMG_45972.jpg Jim Boone 4/22/2012
- (Col: 36.3578N, 115.6508W) IMG_59228.jpg Jim Boone 6/8/2013
- Lee Canyon ridge (Col: 36.2400N, 115.3403W) Juniper belt. I. W. Clokey 7240. 6/6/1936 (UC900260, UTC52987, UTC43934).
- Lee Canyon ridge (Col: 36.2400N, 115.3403W) Juniper belt. I. W. Clokey 7241. 7/3/1936 (UC577479, CAS252648, UTC122347, DS275324, UTC24916, POM230246).
- Lee Canyon ridge (36.3409N, 115.6528W, near-by location.) Juniper belt. I. W. Clokey 7241.5 7/3/1936 (UC900262, DS339453).
- 1 1/2 mi. below W. P. A. Camp, head Lee Canyon, Charleston Mts., Clark Co. (36.3409N, 115.6528W, near-by location.) Open bench. Percy Train 2086. 7/7/1938 (DS290808). var. induta (Tidestr.) J. S. Pringle ined.
- Between Owens and Lee Canyon. (36.3409N, 115.6528W, near-by location.) A. A. Heller 10981. 7/24/1913 (DS26659, UC175607).
G.N.I.S.   Lovell Canyon:
- (Col: 36.1922N, 115.5964W) IMG_39325.jpg Jim Boone 6/2/2011
- (Col: 36.1925N, 115.5994W) IMG_39333-4.jpg Jim Boone 6/2/2011
- (Col: 36.1808N, 115.5989W) IMG_39350.jpg Jim Boone 6/2/2011
  Mine Canyon:
- Mine Canon, Charleston Mts., Nev. (No coordinates) E. C. Jaeger 6/24/1927 [Editorial Comments: 12 Mar 2012, Location unknown, "Mine Canyon" is not a name recognized by the GNIS. ]) (POM159794).
G.N.I.S.   Mormon Pass:
- (Col: 36.6238N, 115.1112W) Pers. Comm., 2009 Jim Boone
G.N.I.S.   Mormon Well:
- (Col: 36.6250N, 115.1117W) IMG_9247.jpg Jim Boone 6/15/2007
- (Col: 36.6458N, 115.0987W) Pers. Comm., 2009 Jim Boone
  Nay Canyon:
- (Col: 36.2004N, 114.0956W) photo S120-04467 and S120-04468 Jim Boone 4/22/2015
- (Col: 36.5675N, 114.0906W) photo S120-04475 Jim Boone 4/22/2015
- (Col: 36.5681N, 114.0908W) photo S120-04476 Jim Boone 4/22/2015
- (Col: 36.5700N, 114.0911W) photo S120-04483 Jim Boone 4/22/2015
- (Col: 36.5739N, 114.0936W) photo S120_04488 Jim Boone 4/22/2015
  Pahrump Valley:
- Flowering plants on roadside bank, south road to Clark Canyon, southwest slope of northwest Spring Mountains. (36.0000N, 115.9009W, near-by location.) Artemisia-Pinyon-Juniper Janice C. Beatley 11365. 7/9/1970 (POM223283, DS624049).
G.N.I.S.   Potosi Mountain:
- North side of Potosi Mountain. (35.9658N, 115.5011W, near-by location.) Herb 1 to 3 feet high; dry south-facing slope, coarse gravelly soil, associated with pinyon, uniper, manzanita. Frank Pitelka 120. 6/14/1940 (UC647864).
- Potosi Mountain Road, just past private camps, 3 km west of NV Highway 160. (Col: 35.9931N, 115.5145W) Loose limestone soil on moderate slopes. Tom Schweich 260. 6/7/2000 (UC(TAS)).
G.N.I.S.   Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area:
- (Col: 36.1278N, 115.5167W) IMG_61356.jpg Jim Boone 10/30/2013
- (Col: 36.0544N, 115.4994W) IMG_29922.jpg Jim Boone 4/8/2010
- (Col: 36.0536N, 115.4928W) IMG_29923.jpg Jim Boone 4/8/2010
- (Col: 36.0506N, 115.4867W) IMG_29924.jpg Jim Boone 4/8/2010
- (Col: 36.0522N, 115.5028W) IMG_29925.jpg Jim Boone 4/8/2010
- (Col: 36.0531N, 115.5064W) IMG_29926.jpg Jim Boone 4/8/2010
G.N.I.S.   Saddle Mountain:
- Ridge line north of 7035 ft. peak Saddle Mountain, East Desert Range (36.8127N, 115.2575W, Coordinates as per UTC map to a location 23 miles south southeast of Saddle Mountain. Re-located at Saddle Mountain.) RARE. Cercocarpus intricatus - Juniper. Tom L. Ackerman 30968. 9/27/1979 (UCR56957, UTC217181).
G.N.I.S.   Sheep Basin:
- (Col: 36.7656N, 115.1697W) IMG_31643.jpg Jim Boone 6/20/2010
- (Col: 36.7578N, 115.1708W) IMG_31644.jpg Jim Boone 6/20/2010
G.N.I.S.   Sheep Pass:
- Ridge north of 6303 feet peak. West of Sheep Pass Desert Range. (36.8377N, 115.2981W, Coordinates as per UTC are 24 miles south southeast of Sheep Pass. Re-located at Sheep Pass.) Very local. Cercocarpus intricatus - Ephedra- Coleogyne. T.L. Ackerman 30969. (UTC217182).
G.N.I.S.   Spring Mountains:
- (36.2100N, 115.7056W, near-by location.) (Kartesz, John Thomas, 1988).
- Charleston Mountains (36.2100N, 115.7056W, near-by location.) Gravelly soil. Carl A. Purpus 6083. 5/1/1898 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Labelled: "Isotype of Frasera induta Tides., Proc. Biol. Soc.Wash. 36:183. 1923." ]) (UC22708).
- (36.2100N, 115.7056W, near-by location.) Carl A. Purpus 6083. 5/1/1898 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Labelled: "Isotype of: Frasera induta Tidestrom, Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 36: 183. 1923. = Frasera albomarginata var. Induta (Tidestr.) Card. Noel Holmgren, 4 June 1980." ]) (UC105625).
G.N.I.S.   Telephone Canyon:
- (Col: 36.2742N, 115.5711W) IMG_40879.jpg Jim Boone 8/3/2011
- (Col: 36.2758N, 115.5719W) IMG_40880.jpg Jim Boone 8/3/2011
- (Col: 36.2789N, 115.5733W) IMG_40881-2.jpg Jim Boone 8/3/2011
- (Col: 36.2789N, 115.5736W) IMG_40883.jpg Jim Boone 8/3/2011
- (Col: 36.2825N, 115.5778W) IMG_40884.jpg Jim Boone 8/3/2011
- (Col: 36.2828N, 115.5783W) IMG_40885-6.jpg Jim Boone 8/3/2011
G.N.I.S.   Trout Canyon:
- Charleston Mts of Nevada, Trout Creek, Alt. 7000 ft. (36.2037N, 115.6773W, near-by location.) Edmund C. Jaeger 6/26/1926 (POM159911).
G.N.I.S.   Virgin Mountains:
- (36.5975N, 114.0958W, near-by location.) (Kartesz, John Thomas, 1988).
G.N.I.S.   Wagon Canyon:
- Trail to Wagon Spring Sheep Range. (36.5961N, 115.2831W, Coordinates as per UTC map to a location 15 miles to the southeast of Wagon Spring and Wagon Canyon. Re-located to a point in the middle of Wagon Canyon.) Artemisia - Pinyon - Juniper. T.L. Ackerman 4600. (UTC217307).
G.N.I.S.   Wheeler Well:
- (Col: 36.3697N, 115.8275W) IMG_41264-6.jpg Jim Boone 8/18/2011
- (Col: 36.3697N, 115.8272W) IMG_41267.jpg Jim Boone 8/18/2011
- Road on east side of Wheeler Wash between Clark Canyon and Wallace Canyon, southwest side of Spring Mountains northeast of Pahrump. (Col: 36.3694N, 115.8281W) Linestone, pinyon-juniper zone. Loose soil between trees. Barbara J. Ertter and Jeffrey Strachan 3627. (UTC172674).
- Below Wheeler Wells. (36.3694N, 115.8281W, near-by location.) Hillside. Juniper belt. I. W. Clokey 7241.4 5/31/1936 (UC900261).
G.N.I.S.   White Rock Canyon:
- (Col: 36.7125N, 115.2628W) IMG_31624-6.jpg Jim Boone 6/20/2010
  Yant Pit Canyon:
- Limestone, east fork of Yant Pit Canyon, south end of Virgin Mountains, eastern Clark County, Nevada. (36.5536N, 114.1098W, near-by location.) Philip A. Munz 16736. [Editorial Comments: 2009, DS 351489 gives location as "east fork of Yant Pit Canyon, south end of Virgin Mts., eastern Clark Co., Nevada." , 2011, Fairly tall specimen, about 24 inches. ]) (POM264204, DS351489). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
  Elko County
G.N.I.S.   Currant Creek:
- (41.5269N, 115.2362W, near-by location.) Marcus E. Jones 10/8/1924 [Editorial Comments: 14-Nov-07, The location given by the collector is "Currant Creek Mountains." That name does not now exist in Elko County. There is, however, a Currant Creek in Elko County, and I have used that location. , 2/24/2009, The label does not specify Elko County. See my photo of this voucher at CAS , 10/14/2011, Label for POM 118325 does not specify a county in Nevada. ]) (CAS153971, NY188578, POM118325). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
  Eureka County
G.N.I.S.   Adams Hill:
- (39.5094N, 115.9951W, near-by location.) Percy Train 251. (ARIZ, US). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Pinto Canyon:
- (39.3808N, 115.9173W, near-by location.) (Kartesz, John Thomas, 1988).
G.N.I.S.   Pinto Summit:
- (39.4510N, 115.9381W, near-by location.) Alice Eastwood 7348. (CAS261660). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Secret Canyon:
- (39.3699N, 115.9289W, near-by location.) (Kartesz, John Thomas, 1988).
- (Col: 39.4141N, 115.9735W) Some rosettes, some buds, no flowers. Tom Schweich 6/11/2008
- (Col: 39.3995N, 115.9655W) In canyon, a few plants with buds, but no flowers. Tom Schweich 6/11/2008
- Nevada, Eureka County, Secret Canyon Road (39.3699N, 115.9289W, near-by location.) M. J. Williams, with Lott, McPhearson, & Mozingo 76491. 6/16/1976 (NY188566).
- Beside Secret Canyon Road, 12 km by road south of Eureka, Nevada. (Col: 39.4179N, 115.9754W) Petal tips green, growing on open calcareous slopes. Tom Schweich 552. 6/11/2008 [Editorial Comments: 2/22/2011, My images IMG_1025.jpg and IMG_1026.jpg. ]) (UC1973792).
  Lincoln County
G.N.I.S.   Acoma:
- (Col: 37.5473N, 114.1567W) Location by GPS Tom Schweich 6/4/2009 3:16:02 PM
- Nevada, Lincoln County, 21.6 miles from Highway 93 on road to Beaver Dam (3733'N, 11410'W) (Col: 37.5500N, 114.1670W) sagebrush / juniper M. J. Williams 801504. 6/27/1980 [Editorial Comments: 2008, The geographic coordinates given by the collector are very close to Acoma siding on the Union Pacific. ]) (NY188562).
G.N.I.S.   Atlanta:
- Flowers off-white with green pattern. About 2 airmiles NW of Pioche. T1N R67R sec 8. (37.9569N, 114.4850W, near-by location.) In Wash with Peraphyllum and Purshia in Pinyon Juniper. Barbara J. Ertter 266. 5/29/1986 (UC1561457).
- Nevada, Lincoln County, near Atlanta, about 2 air miles northwest of Pioche (3758'N, 11430'W) (Col: 37.9670N, 114.5000W) wash with Peraphyllum and Purshia in pinyon-juniper Barbara J. Ertter 6266. 5/29/1986 (NY188582).
G.N.I.S.   Beaver Dam State Park:
- (Col: 37.5294N, 114.1078W) Location by GPS Tom Schweich 6/4/2009 3:26:16 PM
- (Col: 37.5271N, 114.0973W) Location by GPS Tom Schweich 6/4/2009 3:33:47 PM
- Near Beaver Dam State Park, 24.5 mi (40 km) ESE of Caliente, NV. (Col: 37.5141N, 114.0804W) In open areas with junipers. One of the few locations at which the species is subject to insect predation. There are small worms inside the stems of these specimens. Tom Schweich 566. 6/4/2009 4:00:07 PM (UC1973817, CAS).
G.N.I.S.   Big Summit:
- Mahogany Mountins near Big Summit, 16 airmiles NE of Panaca. (37.8886N, 114.1133W, Coordinates as per UTC are 22 miles south southeast of Big Summit, and 16 miles southeast of Panaca. Re-located to Big Summit, Lincoln County, Nevada.) Well drained soils, conglomerates w/some Juniperous osteosperma-Pinus monophylla assoc. Leila M. Shultz, John S. Shultz 6259. (UTC175648).
G.N.I.S.   Bristol Pass:
- (Col: 38.1206N, 114.6284W) Location by GPS Tom Schweich 6/5/2009 1:03:06 PM
- (Col: 38.1098N, 114.5991W) Location by GPS Tom Schweich 6/5/2009 12:56:14 PM
- Corolla greenish with dark dots. Hillslope north of the summit of Bristol Pass. NE corner, S13, T3N, R65E. (Col: 38.1238N, 114.6305W) Plants scattered in well-developed soil, in close association with Artemisia tridentata. Jean Langenheim 3782. 7/1/1954 (UTC101098, UC1213872).
G.N.I.S.   Cave Valley:
- (38.3436N, 114.8539W, near-by location.) 50 miles northwest of Pioche. (Kartesz, John Thomas, 1988).
G.N.I.S.   Crestline:
- Approximately 2 miles northwest of Crestline on Nevada State Route 75 "Crestline Road," 15.6 mi (25.1 km) ESE of Panaca, NV. (Col: 37.6797N, 114.1414W) Tom Schweich 567. 6/5/2009 9:57:53 AM [Editorial Comments: 2009, See my image IMG_1884.jpg ]) (UC1973814, CAS).
G.N.I.S.   Empy Mountain:
- (Col: 37.6317N, 114.3350W) Beside Beaver Dam Road, between Empy Mountain and Empy Wash. See IMG_1864.jpg. Location by GPS. Tom Schweich 6/4/2009 2:39:17 PM
G.N.I.S.   Groom Range:
- (37.4500N, 115.7348W, near-by location.) (Kartesz, John Thomas, 1988).
- Groom Range, upper Groom Mine Road (3723'N, 11546'W). (Col: 37.3830N, 115.7670W) in Pinyon-Juniper-Artemisia G. Marrs-Smith with Jan Nachlinger 13. 6/2/1985 (NY188559).
- Groom Range 2.8 miles north of Groom Mine, along road to Cattle Spring, east Groom Drainage Basin (Col: 37.3680N, 115.7736W) plants erect to 5 dm high, stem leaves whorled, narrow, white-margined, Artemisia-Pinyon-Juniper James L. Reveal and Janice C. Beatley 1760. 8/1/1968 (UTC122031, NY188572, DS605054).
G.N.I.S.   Lake Valley:
- Nevada, Lincoln County, south end of Lake Valley, east of Pioche, Rose Valley Road, 3.5 road miles south of Rte 322 (3754'17"N, 11420'00"W) (Col: 37.9050N, 114.3330W) scattered Juniper, Artemisia, Caulanthus, Chaenactis, Ipomopsis, and Stephanomeria A. P. Pinzl 11600. 7/17/1995 (NY188575).
G.N.I.S.   Mendha:
- Approximately 500 m WNW of Mendha on "Simpson Spring Road" to Manhattan Gap, 4.1 mi (6.6 km) NW of Pioche, NV. (Col: 37.9586N, 114.5193W) In open places among Utah Junipers and Sagebrush. Tom Schweich 568. 6/5/2009 12:29:05 PM (UC1973795).
G.N.I.S.   Miller Bench:
- Many of the plants at this location have multiple flower stalks. Beside Beaver Dam Road 2.3 mi (3.7 km) east of US Highway 93, 8.0 mi (12.8 km) northeast of Caliente, NV by road. (Col: 37.6681N, 114.4373W) There is a worm inside some stalks. Collected from bladed road shoulder and adjacent undisturbed areas. Tom Schweich 565. 6/4/2009 (UC1973816, CAS).
G.N.I.S.   Mount Irish:
- Silver Caon, Mt. Irish, Lincoln Co., Nevada. Pion-juniper Belt. (37.6441N, 115.4017W, near-by location.) E. C. Jaeger 6/19/1938 (POM246733, POM244841, DS259048). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Mount Irish Range:
- (Col: 37.5928N, 115.3800W) IMG_37759-61.jpg Jim Boone 4/24/2011
- (Col: 37.5928N, 115.3808W) IMG_37777-8.jpg Jim Boone 4/24/2011
G.N.I.S.   Muleshoe Valley:
- Fairly common biennial; pale greenish-white, green petal tips. Muleshoe Valley; SW of Grassy Mountain, 1.5 mile side trianglar transect NE of Meloy Well, between Fairview Range and Schell Creek Range (Col: 38.3122N, 114.7450W) Pinyon-juniper woodland with Artemisia, Purshia, etc. Andrew C. Sanders 32939. 6/15/2006 (UCR174880).
G.N.I.S.   Pahranagat Range:
- (37.3680N, 115.3686W, near-by location.) Searls (GH, F). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Panaca:
- Panaca area. (37.7905N, 114.3894W, near-by location.) R. D. Hermansen 211.8 (NA). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Panaca Valley:
- White-greenish fls., pepper spotted; lvs. White-margined. Panaca Valley and vicinity. 4500 to 6400 feet elevation. (37.7893N, 114.4085W, near-by location.) High Desert, Artemisia sage, Juniper. Post(1956) indicates voucher location is US only, but I found a voucher at UC and CAS. Marie Gentry 41. 6/21/1941 [Editorial Comments: 2009, UC has pencilled annotation "F. albomarginata," DS335676 was determined by Post as F. paniculata. , 2010, Panaca Valley is the valley in which Panaca lies, and is a synonym for Meadow Valley. ]) (RSA393171, UC1246853, DS335676). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Patterson Wash:
- Patterson Wash, east of Hwy 93, T2N, R67E, Sec. 11. (37.8414N, 114.3492W, near-by location.) Low hills, light colored soil. Plants in bare patches between Artemisia arbuscula and A. pygmaea. Margaret J. Williams and Arnold Tiehm 81495. 6/10/1981 (CAS734134).
G.N.I.S.   Pintwater Range:
- Mountains west of 7040 foot peak north end of Pintwater Range. (37.0666N, 115.5728W, Coordinates as per UTC are more than 35 miles south southeast of the north end of the Pintwater Range. Re-located to the north end of the Pintwater Range.) T.L. Ackerman 30971. (UTC217168).
G.N.I.S.   Pioche:
- Lower temperate life zone (37.9297N, 114.4517W, near-by location.) Marcus E. Jones 8/31/1912 [Editorial Comments: 2/24/2009, Possibly the same collection as that made on 31 August 1913. ]) (POM77040, DS393184, DS89450, DS156700).
- (37.9297N, 114.4517W, near-by location.) Lower Temperate Life Zone Marcus E. Jones 8/31/1913 [Editorial Comments: 2/24/2009, Possibly the same collection as that made on 31 August 1912. ]) (UC380731).
- Vicinity of Pioche (37.9297N, 114.4517W, near-by location.) Miss Maud Minthorn 6/28/1909 (UC148730).
- Pioche. (37.9297N, 114.4517W, near-by location.) Dry sandy flats. R. F. Hoover 8257. 7/1/1952 (CAS516881).
G.N.I.S.   Sheep Spring Draw:
- (Col: 37.7194N, 114.1793W) Location by GPS Tom Schweich 6/5/2009 10:18:26 AM
G.N.I.S.   Silver King Pass:
- (Col: 38.2326N, 114.8747W) Many plants in flower on road berm, 0.9 mi (1.4 km) east of Silver King Pass. Location by GPS Tom Schweich 6/5/2009 2:04:37 PM
- Along Bristol Cletty Road, on the west side of Muleshoe Valley, 2.3 miles (3.7 km) east of Silver King Pass in the Schell Creek Range, 30 mi (48 km) NW of Pioche, NV, and 72 mi (116 km) S of Ely, NV. (Col: 38.2242N, 114.8523W) In open places between sagebrush and Utah junipers Tom Schweich 569. 6/5/2009 1:51:41 PM (CAS, UC1973814).
- In Silver King Pass, 31.8 mi (51.2 km) NW of Pioche, NV, and 72 mi (116 km) south of Ely, NV. (Col: 38.2325N, 114.8903W) In open places among Utah junipers on the north side of the road in limestone and not in the volcanics on the south side of the road. Tom Schweich 570. 6/5/2009 2:19:18 PM (CAS, UC1973812).
  Nye County
G.N.I.S.   Burnt Canyon:
- "Burut Creek," or "Burnt Creek," Quinn Canyon Range (Col: 38.0713N, 115.4234W) Frequent, light gravelly soil, assoc. with pinyon pine and juniper. Bassett Maguire and Arthur H. Holmgren 25612. 6/25/1945 [Editorial Comments: 2008, The label on the voucher at UC and POM clearly states "Burut Creek," which location does not occur in Nevada. The online record of the NY voucher gives the location as "Burnt Creek." Burnt Creek is not a recognized locality in Nevada. There is, however, a "Burnt Canyon" and a "Burnt Canyon Spring" in the Grant Range, just across the road from the Quinn Canyon Range. I have used the mouth of Burnt Canyon to estimate the geographic coordinates of this collection. ]) (UC701471, DS312152, ARIZ, NY188579, PH, CAN, GH, MO, NA, WS, WTU, US, RM, CU, UTC67999, CAS334148, POM301162).
G.N.I.S.   Currant:
- Petals white, greenish toward base and apex, gland deep green, purple dots, Strong odor. 4.8 miles east of Currant on Nye-White Pine county line. (38.7422N, 115.4748W, near-by location.) David D. Keck 606. 6/24/1930 (DS199081). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Northeast of Currant. (38.7422N, 115.4748W, near-by location.) D. M. Post 91. (Unknown). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Nevada, Nye County, 2.85 miles from Currant (3843'N, 11543'W/ (Col: 38.7170N, 115.4170W) on a rocky hillside M. J. Williams 781482. 6/26/1978 (NY188573).
G.N.I.S.   Currant Summit:
- Southwest of Currant Summit along US Highway 6, 66 km by road southwest of Ely, Nevada. (Col: 38.8192N, 115.3262W) Plants have purple stems, growing in caliche-covered volcanic sediments. Tom Schweich 553. 6/11/2008 [Editorial Comments: 2/22/2011, My image IMG_1044.jpg. ]) (UC1973790).
G.N.I.S.   Sunnyside:
- Nye County, along a sandy, alkaline low ridge in the desert, White River Valley, between Hot Creek Butte and Sunnyside (3424'N, 11506'W) (Col: 38.4082N, 115.1079W) Petals 3-6, white with fine dark purple spots and an anchor-shaped, distally green or yellow gland, also tending to be greenish-yellow toward the tip. Along a sandy, alkaline low ridge in the desert. Arthur J. Cronquist 11981. 6/2/1985 (UTC194438, NY188574, RSA359963).
- White River Valley, 3 mi NE of McGill Adams Reservoir, 2 mi from paved road, 26 mi S of Lund. (Col: 38.3937N, 115.0894W) With calcareous soils forming barren knolls. Leila Schultz 4561. (UTC232452).
- Biennial or weakly perennial from taproot, to 50 cm tall, glabrous; corolla 4-lobed, the sinuses extending nearly to the base, corolla lobes cream-colored, with small purple spots; foveae 1 per lobe, linear proximally, bilobed (sagitate) distally, fimbria southwest of Sunnyside in White River Valley near Adams-McGill Reservoir about 6.76 km ENE of Hot Creek Spring 3824'22"N, 11504'54"W (Col: 38.4060N, 115.0820W) With Artemisia, Ephedra, Comandra and Eriogonum. In white tufaceous soil on SW-facing slope. M. D. Windham 2441. 6/6/2001 (NY00947496).
- petals with a white background, the upper half pale green above and dark green below, dark spots all over, White River Valley, calcareous soils near Adams-McGill Reservoir, 53 km (33 mi) airline distance south of Lund (3824'N, 11565'W) (Col: 38.3937N, 115.0894W) barren calcareous soils Noel H. Holmgren and Patricia K. Holmgren 8225. 6/22/1976 (NY188570, UTC169699).
G.N.I.S.   White River (historical location):
- (38.6277N, 115.0481W, near-by location.) On gypsum dunes along side the White River in an arid region of central Nevada, perhaps in White Pine County. 1/1/1958 (Post, Douglas M., 1958).
- Between White River and Sunnyside. (38.6277N, 115.0481W, near-by location.) D. M. Post 93. [Editorial Comments: 21 Mar 2012, This is one of many D. M. Post collections that were never deposited in a herbariu,. ]) (Unknown). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
  White Pine County
G.N.I.S.   Antelope Mountain:
- White Pine County, north White Pine Range, 3.9 km (2.4 mi) north of U. S. Highway 50, on road to Long Valley, 45 km (28 mi) airline distance east-southeast of Eureka (3926'N, 11528'W) (Col: 39.4330N, 115.4670W) among pinyons and junipers Noel H. Holmgren and Patricia K. Holmgren 9374. 6/20/1979 (UTC169696, NY188569).
G.N.I.S.   Buster Mountain:
- Nevada, White Pine County, east side of Newark Valley, 2.3 road miles south of Highway 50 on the road to Belmont Mill (3922'N, 11533'W) (T17N, R57E, sec 3) (Col: 39.3670N, 115.5500W) with Juniperus, growing on red clay hills Arnold Tiehm and Margaret Williams 6486. 5/22/1981 (NY188563, RSA293943, CAS670494, UTC174823).
- With Artemisia tridentata, 7.4 miles south of United States Highway 50 on western road to Hamilton. White Pine County (39.3574N, 115.4698W, near-by location.) Peter H. Raven with Otto T. Solbrig 13541. 6/26/1958 (CAS516882).
G.N.I.S.   Cave Lake State Park:
- Schell Cr, Range, Cave Cr. (Col: 39.1944N, 114.6979W) Pinyon-juniper and sagebrush S. Goodrich 12443. (UTC166539).
- About 1 km north of Cave Lake State Park, 25 km by road ESE of Ely, Nevada. (Col: 39.1983N, 114.6928W) Among Junipers on steep broken limestone slopes above the road. Tom Schweich 549. 6/10/2008 [Editorial Comments: 2/22/2011, My images IMG_0999.jpg and IMG_1000.jpg. ]) (UC1973194).
G.N.I.S.   Connors Pass:
- (Col: 39.0263N, 114.6443W) near the microwave station south of Connors Pass. Tom Schweich 6/10/2008
- East of Connors Pass. (39.0394N, 114.6470W, near-by location.) C. McMillan 26. (NA). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Egan Range:
- Egan Range, just S. of Ely, (Col: 39.2369N, 114.8893W) Pinyon-Juniper woodlands. Matt Lavin, K. Lavin 4185. (UTC180378).
G.N.I.S.   Ely:
- Near, or vicinity or, Ely. (Col: 39.1451N, 114.5319W) B. S. Martineau (UTC43097). (Kartesz, John Thomas, 1988).
G.N.I.S.   Keystone:
- White Pine County, Egan Range, 0.5 road miles west of highway 50 at Keystone Junction on highway 267 to Ruth, south side of highway, T16N, R62E, S3 (3916'50"N, 11458'57"W) (Col: 39.2810N, 114.9830W) growing with Artemisia pygmaea on barren looking white clay hills Arnold Tiehm and Jan Nachlinger 13242. 6/15/2000 (RSA661206, NY00947494, CAS998315).
- North of Keystone. (39.2819N, 114.9684W, near-by location.) B. O. Moore and G. E. Franklin 411. (NA). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Lion Spring Wash:
- Egan Range, Sage Wash along road to Terraces, 5.1 km (3.2 mi) from US Highway 6, 11 km (7 mi) southwest of Ely T15N, R62E, Sec 11 (3911'N, 11459'W) (Col: 39.1830N, 114.9830W) Pinyon-Juniper woodland; common Noel H. Holmgren and Patricia K. Holmgren 8240. 6/23/1976 [Editorial Comments: 2008, The given location of Sage Wash is probably White Sage Wash. The given geographic coordinates and description of the road are closer to Lion Spring Wash on National Forest Road 455. ]) (RSA292432, NY188568, CAS818568).
G.N.I.S.   Little Antelope Summit:
- Little Antelope Summit of White Pine Mts, White Pine Co. (39.3972N, 115.4681W, near-by location.) sandy slopes among junipers, frequent H. D. Ripley and R. C. Barneby 3593. 5/24/1941 (CAS298376). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- About 1.5 km north of US Highway 50, 3 km east of Little Antelope Summit, and 67 km by road WNW of Ely, Nevada. (Col: 39.4033N, 115.4576W) Very small plants, slight purple on stems, more green on petals, growing on open red-stained slopes with Junipers. Tom Schweich 551. 6/11/2008 [Editorial Comments: 2/22/2011, My images IMG_1017.jpg and IMG_1018.jpg. ]) (UC1973793).
G.N.I.S.   Long Valley:
- (39.7666N, 115.3842W, near-by location.) (Kartesz, John Thomas, 1988).
G.N.I.S.   Long Valley Canyon:
- Nevada, White Pine County, Butte Mountains, upper Long Valley Canyon, 12.4 km (7.7 mi) from the Long Valley Road, the turnoff for which is 27.8 km (17.3 miles) from US Highway 50, 45 km (28 mi) air distance northwest of downtown Ely,3932'48"N, 11514'24" (Col: 39.5470N, 115.2400W) Common among sagebrush. Noel H. Holmgren and Patricia K. Holmgren 14654. 6/8/2002 (UTC242935, NY737402).
G.N.I.S.   Middle Canyon:
- Nevada, White Pine County, Butte Mountains, at west edge of Butte Valley, 50.5 km (31.5 mi) airline distance northwest of McGill, 3942'N, 11513'N (Col: 39.7000N, 115.2170W) in barren pinyon-juniper woodland Noel H. Holmgren 9325. 6/17/1979 (NY188561).
G.N.I.S.   Moorman Ridge:
- West side of Moorman Ridge, 0.5 mile south of Illipah Creek Reservoir (3919'N,11524'W) (Col: 39.3170N, 115.4000W) growing with Chrysothamnus, Juniperus, on light colored clayey hillsides Arnold Tiehm and Margaret Williams 6185. 7/21/1980 (CAS654795, NY188560, RSA294346, UTC168013).
G.N.I.S.   Murray Summit:
- Flowers green, black spotted. 5 m. SW of Ely. (39.2147N, 114.9725W, near-by location.) Fairly common in dry gravelly sand among juniper and pine. G. B. Van Schaack and G. F. Freytag 2963. 7/27/1950 (UC1434030).
G.N.I.S.   Murry Canyon:
- Found in a small canyon north of Murry Canyon, 4.5 km by road southwest of Ely, Nevada. (Col: 39.2296N, 114.9213W) Small plants with purple stems and green petal tips growing on open calcareous slopes with Junipers, Pinyons, and Sagebrush. Tom Schweich 550. 6/10/2008 [Editorial Comments: 2/22/2011, My images IMG_1003.jpg and IMG_1004.jpg. ]) (UC1973796).
G.N.I.S.   Pinto Creek Ranch:
- Nevada, White Pine County, east base of Diamond Mountains, 1/5 road miles northwest of Route 893 on road to Pinto Creek Ranch (3928'N, 11549'W) (Col: 39.4670N, 115.8170W) in Pinyon-Juniper A. P. Pinzl 11188. 7/21/1994 (NY188576).
G.N.I.S.   Robinson Canyon:
- (Col: 39.3906N, 115.0802W) East of Robinson Summit, very purple stems, IMG_1012.jpg. Tom Schweich 6/11/2008
G.N.I.S.   Rosebud Spring:
- Uncommon perennial in openings; fls. pale greenish-white with green markings. Schell Creek Range; near foot of ridge c. 0.5 mi. SSW of Rosebud Spring, c. 1.0 mile SW of VABM Connor (2633 m), 3.5 miles SSW of Hwy 50/93 at Connors Pass (Col: 39.0033N, 114.6690W) N-facing limestone slopes with dense juniper woodland with some pinyon and sagebrush. Andrew C. Sanders 32843. 6/13/2006 (UCR174673, RSA715024).
G.N.I.S.   Steptoe:
- (Col: 39.4069N, 114.7639W) B. O. Moore and G. E. Franklin 808. (NA). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- (39.4069N, 114.7639W, near-by location.) F. W. Pennell and R. L. Schaeffer 23073. (PH). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Steptoe Creek:
- Nevada, White Pine County, on Success Summit Drive, 8.9 miles north of junction with US Hwy 6 (jct. 30.8 mi east of Ely), 2 forks to the right, following signs to Cave Creek and Copper Summit (Col: 39.2253N, 114.6823W) north-facing slope, grassy meadow with sagebrush, Prunus, etc. B. J. Cox with D. B. Dunn and W. Harmon 486. 6/23/1968 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Geographic coordinates were estimated from written location description. The "2 forks to the right" may conflict with the "on Success Summit Drive." ]) (NY188567).
- Nevada, White Pine County, Steptoe Creek, east of Shell Creek Mountains, 7 miles north of Junction with Route 93. (Col: 39.2044N, 114.6908W) F. W. Pennell with R. L. Schaeffer, Jr. 23073. 7/15/1938 [Editorial Comments: 2008, This one was a "treasure hunt." I've settled on an estimated location on Steptoe Creek, just above Cave Lake State Park. The elevation and distance from US Hwy 93 are pretty close. ]) (NY188571).
G.N.I.S.   Swallow Canyon:
- margins of leaves white, petals white with pale green tips and dark green spots, flower, infrequent White Pine County, Snake Range, foothills at Mouth of Swallow Canyon (3851'N, 11421'W) (Col: 38.8500N, 114.3500W) gravelly hillside, with scattered Pinyon and Juniper Noel H. Holmgren and James L. Reveal 1029. 6/19/1964 (UTC108647, NY188564).
G.N.I.S.   Ward Mountain:
- (39.1002N, 114.9211W, near-by location.) North base of Ward Mountain, (Kartesz, John Thomas, 1988).
- (Col: 39.1002N, 114.9211W) E. O. Jaeger 7/4/1928 [Editorial Comments: 2011, Remants of purple coloring on stems. ]) (POM172420, GH). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   White Pine County:
- White Mountain, White Pine County, Nevada (39.4499N, 114.8342W, near-by location.) B. O. Moore and G. E. Franklin 425. [Editorial Comments: 11/8/2007, This could be White Cloud Mountain at the north end of the Snake Range, or White Mountain southwest of Eureka. ]) (NA, ARIZ). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   White Pine Range:
- (38.9124N, 115.3931W, near-by location.) (Kartesz, John Thomas, 1988).
- White Pine County, White River Range, 2.1 road miles southwest of White River Road on US Highway 6 from Ely to Tonopah, then 1.3 miles east on a dirt road, T12N, R61E, S7 (3855'05"N, 11509'38"W) (Col: 38.9180N, 115.1610W) growing with Juniperus, Artemisia pygmaea on barren looking white clay hills. Arnold Tiehm and Jan Nachlinger 13283. 6/20/2000 (NY00947495, RSA662766, UCR150504, CAS998319).
  New Mexico
  San Juan County
G.N.I.S.   Beclabito:
- Navajo Nation, Beclahbito (sic?) area; about 2 miles north of Foutz Peak, and 1.5 miles east of Arizona State Line. T31N R21E S25 SW 1/4. (Col: 36.8748N, 109.0231W) Silty-clay soils on Dakota Sandstone. Pinyon-Juniper Community. Arnold Clifford 9346. 6/9/1993 (SJNM).
G.N.I.S.   Horn Canyon:
- Horn Canyon Quad. T29N, R11W, Sec. 20. Zone 12; 4,006,450N; 765,980E. (36.6450N, 108.0337W, Temporarily re-located at Horn Canyon.) Geoff Levin 420. 5/6/1976 (ENMU910).
G.N.I.S.   Potter Canyon:
- SW1/4 of NW1/4 of Sec. 18, T27N, R11W Bloomfield Quad. (36.7280N, 107.9230W, Re-placed in SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of S18, T29N R10W, after consideration of Blankenhorn's other collections. Compare to location of EMNU archeological site 5003.) SJVAP Mary Blankenhorn 337. 10/7/1975 [Editorial Comments: 21 Mar 2012, The problem here is that Section 18, T27N, R11W is in the Gallegos Trading Post quadrangle and not in the Bloomfield quadrangle. Another collection by Blankenhorn #341 is described as being collected at USA, New Mexico, SW1/4 of NW1/4 of Sec. 18, T29N, R10W Bloomfield Quad. ]) (ENMU928).
  Beaver County
G.N.I.S.   Red Hill:
- Beaver County (3812'N, 11327'W) (Col: 38.2000N, 113.5000W) in pinyon-juniper community on red-purple clay S. L. Welsh with K. Taylor and D. Atwood 13985. 7/27/1976 [Editorial Comments: 2008, The collection record gives only latitude and longitude. Red Hill is the closest named locality to the given coordinates. ]) (NY188650).
G.N.I.S.   Wah Wah Mountains:
- North Wah Wah Mountains (Col: 38.7981N, 113.5900W) White tuffaceous barrens mixecd with grantic sands Leila M. Shultz, Marti Aitken 17122. (UTC245220).
- WahWah Mountains. 2.75 mile east of Pine Valley onJockey Road (No coordinates) Slope: 0.08 Aspect: 160 degrees. Open Pinyon-juniper woodland. With Juniperus osteosperma Pinus monophylla Artemisia nova M. Aitken, B. Franklon 625. (UTC223435).
- Beaver County, Wah Wah Mountains, on alluvium of east side, 11 airline mines south of Wah Wah Pass (Utah 21) 3821'N, 11334'W (Col: 38.3500N, 113.5670W) in pinyon-juniper woodland, in gravelly soil Noel H. Holmgren and Patricia M. Kern 3713. 7/13/1969 (UTC132304, CAS559368, NY188551).
- Frequent Wah Wah Mountains, along State Route 21, 1.1 km (0.7 mile) west of Wah Wah Pass (3830'39"N, 11333'23"W) (Col: 38.5160N, 113.5560W) in Pinyon-Juniper woodland Noel H. Holmgren 13816. 6/4/2000 (NY00947497).
G.N.I.S.   Wah Wah Springs:
- northwest of Wawa Springs, limestone gravel benches among junipers (38.4800N, 113.4894W, near-by location.) H. D. Ripley and R. C. Barneby 9258. 6/19/1948 (DS410299, CAS347048). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Wah Wah Summit:
- Wah Wah Mtns E side of Summit above St Hwy 21 (No coordinates) Barren slopes of silt and clay of calcareous sandstone and limestone S facing exposure Pinyon-juniper association LM Shultz; JS Shultz 5283. 6/12/1981 (RSA316795, UTC180304).
- Pass through Wah Wah Mountains on UT 21. (Col: 38.4342N, 113.5633W) Gravel over limestone knoll. Stipa comata dominant on lower flat areas around knoll. Stipa x bloomeri only on slopes and knoll. Good S. hymenoides growing among S. comata. S. croonata subsp depauerata not abundant, pre-anhesis; other stipoid taxa in flower. Frasera growing on knoll. M. Barkworth 4562. (UTC203538).
- About 0.5 km east of Wah Wah Summit, 51 km by road west of Milford, Utah. (Col: 38.5171N, 113.5377W) Growing on white limestone with Pinyons, Junipers, and Cliff Rose, Tom Schweich 548. 6/9/2008 (CAS, UC1973797).
  Emery County
G.N.I.S.   Beckwith Plateau:
- Emery County, CC Cummerville, 13 miles north-northwest from Green River, Beckwith Plateau (3910'N, 11016'W) (Col: 39.1670N, 110.2670W) lightly grazed, Mesa Verde Group Formation, pinyon-juniper community, sandy soil S. L. Welsh with K. Taylor 15226. 6/29/1977 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Other collections by Welsh on this date in this area are: Chenopodium glaucum L. (NY537027), Eriogonum arcuatum Greene var. arcuatum (NY281264), Mentzelia multicaulis (Osterh.) J. Darl. Var. librina K. H. Thorne & F. J. Sm. (NY23603), and Sphaeralcea parvifolia A. Nelson (NY176789). , 2008, "CC" stands for the Utah Central Coal study conducted by Welsh and associates. "Cummerville" is a typographical error, and should be "Summerville." "Summerville" is the name of the geologic formation on which this collection was made (S. L. Welsh, pers. comm.) ]) (NY188642).
G.N.I.S.   Ghost Rock:
- Rest stop along I-70 in San Rafael Swell at approximately Page Flat. (38.8616N, 110.8127W, Coordinates given by UTC are 34 miles southeast, out in the San Rafael Desert. Re-located at the Ghost Rock Rest Stop.) Pinyon -Juniper area disturbed by man. B. Albee 246. (UTC171745).
- Rest stop along I-70 in San Rafael Swell at approximately Page (sic) Flat. (Col: 38.8631N, 110.8121W) in Pinyon-Juniper area disturbed by man B. Albee 5084. 6/11/1981 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Described location of Page Flat assumed to be Paige Flat. The rest stop nearest to Paige Flat on US I-70 is the Ghost Rock Rest Stop. Therefore, the geographic coordinates used for this collection are those of the Ghost Rock Rest Stop. ]) (NY188641).
- Rare. Rest stop 59.6 mi E of Salina along I-70. San Rafael Swell (38.8616N, 110.8127W, near-by location.) Rocky, dry mesa with junipers. George K. Helmkamp and E. A. Helmkamp 95237. 6/26/1995 (UCR87767).
- Numerous places around the eastbound Ghost Rock Rest Stop on US Interstate 70, on the San Rafael Swell, 58 km WSW of Green River, Colorado. (Col: 38.8622N, 110.8116W) Growing in sandy and disturbed areas. Found only at the eastbound rest stop. Not found at westbound rest stop. Tom Schweich 545. 6/6/2008 [Editorial Comments: 2/22/2011, My images IMG_0881.jpg and IMG_0882.jpg. ]) (UC1973799).
G.N.I.S.   Miller Canyon:
- Millers Canyon, south of Price. (Col: 38.8603N, 111.2039W) Marcus E. Jones 11/13/1907 [Editorial Comments: 2/24/2009, DS: Handwritten label gives location as "Millers Canyon, south of Price, Utah." Geographic coordinates estimated from written location description. , 2011, RSA: Handwritten label gives location as "near mouth of Miller's Canyon, s. of Price, Utah." ]) (DS156744, POM75456). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Mounds:
- (39.4558N, 110.5932W, near-by location.) Lower Temperate Life Zone. Marcus E. Jones 6/9/1910 (DS201152, CAS154357, CAS139199, UC372786, NY188556, GH, DS697995, DS156706, DS698462, PH, POM76339).
G.N.I.S.   Wimmer Flat:
- On Cedar Mountain, at south edge of Wimmer Flat, along Emery County Route 206, 15.4 km by road miles east of intersection of EM 206 and EM215, 29.5 km by air east of Castle Dale, Utah. (Col: 39.2206N, 110.6788W) Mixed collection: rosettes are Coll. No. 534, and flowering branches are Coll. No. 544, collected within a local area. Tom Schweich 534. 6/6/2008 [Editorial Comments: 2/22/2011, My images IMG_0867.jpg and IMG_0871.jpg. ]) (UC1973798, CAS).
  Garfield County
G.N.I.S.   Escalante:
- 5 miles east of Escalante. (37.7703N, 111.6021W, near-by location.) Frequent, rocky places in juniper-pinyon. Arthur H. Holmgren and M. L. Nielsen 7723. 6/2/1948 [Editorial Comments: 2/24/2009, Mounted on the same sheet is a Dr. Palmer collection form St. George, CAS 187041. ]) (CAS381183, UC943237, UTC82723, WS).
G.N.I.S.   Muley Twist Canyon:
- On John Atlantic Burr's Cattle Trail, 4 km west of Upper Muley Twist Canyon, 30 km by air ESE of Boulder, Utah. (Col: 37.8632N, 111.0772W) Growing in undisturbed broken red calcareous sandstone. Tom Schweich 546. 6/7/2008 [Editorial Comments: 2/22/2011, My images IMG_0896.jpg and IMG_0899.jpg. ]) (UC1973800).
  Iron County
G.N.I.S.   Red Creek:
- valley bottom, T35S R7W S36 (37.8839N, 112.7686W, near-by location.) S. L. Welsh and N. D. Atwood 28497. 6/13/2002 (UC1719242).
  Kane County
G.N.I.S.   Kanab:
- Vicinity of Kanab. 2 miles east of Kanab. (37.0475N, 112.5263W, near-by location.) Bassett Maguire 18913. (RM, WS, UTC43143, CAN, CAS309609). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Vicinity of Kanab. (37.0475N, 112.5263W, near-by location.) D. M. Post 94. (Unknown). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Utah. Kane County, 2 miles northeast of Kanab to Red Canyon. (Col: 37.0692N, 112.4961W) Mrs. F. M. Stone 293. 5/14/1934 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Red Canyon is about 10 miles north-northwest of Kanab. I have assumed that the distance and direction of this collection is correct, and the name of the location is incorrect. The canyon 2 miles northeast of Kanab is Tom's Canyon. ]) (NY188557). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Red clay mesa 17 miles west of Kanab, Kane County. (37.0475N, 112.5263W, near-by location.) Collected on thje 6th of June in an unknown year. H. D. Ripley and R. C. Barneby 4831. (CAS400980).
- Vicinity of Kanab. (37.0475N, 112.5263W, near-by location.) I. Tidestrom 2393. (US, MICH). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Utah, Kane County, 6 miles east of Kanab (Col: 37.0258N, 112.4232W) in Juniper in dry sand L. C. Anderson 1193. 6/22/1958 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Geographic coordinates estimated from written location description. ]) (NY188646, UTC110336).
G.N.I.S.   Left Hand Collet Canyon:
- Utah, Kane County, Kaiparowits Plateau, about 25 airline miles southeast of Escalante (3732'N, 11126'W) (Col: 37.5330N, 111.4330W) common in pinyon-juniper woodland in sandy soil Noel H. Holmgren, James L. Reveal and Charles LaFrance 2063. 6/27/1965 [Editorial Comments: 2008, The collection location as described would be in Left Hand Collet Canyon below the Kaiparowits Plateau. ]) (UTC110948, NY188647).
G.N.I.S.   Stevens Canyon:
- Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Next to the creek in Steven's Canyon about 4 miles from the Escalante River. (Col: 37.4627N, 110.9466W) Artemisia bigelovii, Fraxinus anomala, Tamarix pentandra, Gutierrezia sarothrae, Eriogonum corymbosum Acc#: GLCA-00461, Catalog #22914 G. Rink 4244. 6/3/2005 (ASC82139).
  Millard County
G.N.I.S.   Antelope Valley:
- Antelope Valley, north of Wild Horse Range. (38.6250N, 113.8641W, There is something wrong with the coordinates from UTC.) West-facing slopes and flats with Shadscale, Matchweed, and Enceliopsis. Sevy solomite, calcarous barrens. Betsy Neely, Jeanne Chambers 2099. (UTC188247).
G.N.I.S.   Crystal Peak:
- Utah, Millard County, north slope of Crystal Peak (3847'N, 11337'W) (Col: 38.7830N, 113.6170W) gray ignimbrite outcrop S. L. Welsh with K. Taylor and K. Thorne 13589. 6/24/1976 (NY188643).
G.N.I.S.   Warm Cove Ridge:
- Utah, Millard County, Warm Point Ridge, west end Pine Valley, 5 miles west of Headquarters of Desert Range Experiment Station (38.6197N, 113.8119W, near-by location.) in stony soil Bassett Maguire 20886. 6/19/1941 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Stated location of "Warm Point Ridge" assumed to be Warm Cove Ridge. ]) (NY188553).
  San Juan County
G.N.I.S.   Bluff:
- Vicinity of Bluff. (37.2844N, 109.5518W, near-by location.) Arthur H. Holmgren and S. Hansen 3391. (NY, GH, UTC). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Petals orate acuminate 1 cm long, over twice as long as lanceolate green sepals, petals white with purple spots, green gland above middle. Vicinity of Bluff. On top of mesa 11 mi. N. of Bluff (37.2844N, 109.5518W, near-by location.) Bassett Maguire, A. G. Richards, Ruth Maguire, and Ruth Hammond 5794. [Editorial Comments: 7/28/2009, Incomplete record in data base, Swertia albomarginata? ]) (GH, RM, UC553534?, CU, MO, UTC18474). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Grayson, San Juan County, near Recapture Canyon. (No coordinates) W. C. Twiss 7/1/1916 (RSA119562).
G.N.I.S.   McCracken Mesa:
- Benches of red sandstone canyon 5 miles east of Recapture Creek on road from Blanding to Hovenweep (Col: 37.4278N, 109.3533W) R. C. Barneby 15007. 6/10/1969 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Geographic coordinates estimated from written location description. ]) (CAS512207, NY188645).
G.N.I.S.   Squaw and Papoose Rock:
- About 1.4 km ESE of Squaw and Papoose Rock, 21.5 km by road ESE of Hite, Utah. (Col: 37.8381N, 110.2041W) Growing in stiff, red soil, with Opuntia and Junipers. Tom Schweich 532. 6/4/2008 [Editorial Comments: 2/22/2011, My images IMG_0812.jpg and IMG_0813.jpg. ]) (CAS, UC1973789).
- San Juan County, Sundance Trailhead into Dark Canyon Wilderness, end of Road 208A (Col: 37.8469N, 110.2133W) with Ephedra, Atriplex xanescens, A. confertifolia, Frasera albomarginata, Cowania, Yucca angustissima, Gilia gunnisonii, Sclerocactus parviflora, Hymenoxys argentea, Pinus edulis, Juniperis, Bromus rubens, Calochortus, Coleogyne ramosissima, etc. W. C. Hodgson with Ron Hill 9235. 6/18/1995 (NY188580).
G.N.I.S.   White Mesa:
- White Mesa Dugway between Blanding and Bluff (Col: 37.0837N, 109.2213W) with Juniper and shadscale, dry, sandy, gravelly soil Arthur H. Holmgren with Sherman Hansen 3391. 6/19/1944 (UTC58267, NY188554).
- 11 miles north of Bluff, top of mesa. (Col: 37.4295N, 109.4713W) Bassett Maguire, A. G. Richards, Ruth Maguire, and Ruth Hammond [Editorial Comments: 2008, Geographic coordinates estimated from written location description. ]) (UC553534?). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- (inflorescum paniculate) On top of mesa 11 mi. N. of Bluff. (Col: 37.4295N, 109.4713W) Bassett Maguire, et al. 6/21/1933 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Geographic coordinates estimated from written location description. ]) (UTC18474).
  Washington County
G.N.I.S.   Beaver Dam Mountains:
- (37.1533N, 113.8869W, near-by location.) On the Joshua Tree Mohave Desert Scenic Backway, in the section known as Power Line road, below the Apex Mine, where West Mountain Valley Wash crosses the road, elevation 1350 m., at 12S 0253193 4105160. Tom Schweich
- (37.1533N, 113.8869W, near-by location.) Along the road to Hell Hole Pass, from 12S 0247198 4111544 to 12S 0245596 4113875. Tom Schweich
- 6.7 miles southwest of Shivwits (Shivwits Indian Reservation) on road to Littlefield Arizona and ca. 2.3 miles west o (Col: 37.1192N, 113.8461W) On west-facing slope and intermediate ridge open shrubland. Gravelly soil probably over sandstone. Andreas Leidolf, Tim Nuttle, and Mary Barkworth 2239. (UTC226486).
- Petals white with green glands and violet speckles. About 14 airmiles W of St. George, ca 2 mi SE of Rt 56 on rd to Apex Mines (1 mi SW of summit). (37.1533N, 113.8869W, near-by location.) Pinyon-Juniper forest on limestone, with Fallugia, sagebrush, Ephedra, Prunus, et al. Barbara J. Ertter 6218. 5/28/1986 (RSA525397, UC1561456, UTC208216).
- (37.1533N, 113.8869W, near-by location.) F. W. Pennell and R. L. Schaeffer 21719. (PH). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Near ridge crest; ca . 1 1/4 miles NNE of the Utah Hill Summit, 0.2 mile W. of U. S. Highway 91. (Col: 37.1203N, 113.8174W) On old burn; soil with some limestone rocks. Raymond W. Christian 1057. (UTC110883).
- On the road to Hell Hole Pass. (Col: 37.1391N, 113.8638W) Open places, stony limestone soil, with Pinus monophylla, Ephedra viridis, Amelanchier utahensis, Juniperus osteosperma, Quercus gambellii, Berberis sp., Artemisia tridentata, and Purshia tridentata glandulosa. Tom Schweich 185. 5/27/1998
G.N.I.S.   Canaan Mountain:
- Washington County, at Arizona border just north of Colorado City, lower slopes of Canaan Mountain. (Col: 37.0170N, 113.9840W) in Juiniper-Mahonia fremontii community, sandy soil E. J. Neese with J. E. Neese 9603. 8/16/1980 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Geographic coordinates estimated from written location description. ]) (NY188640).
G.N.I.S.   Coalpits Wash:
- Coalpits Wash (37.1689N, 113.0827W, near-by location.) Harold E. Bailey 6/12/1936 (UC1579510).
- Coalpits Wash. (37.1689N, 113.0827W, near-by location.) Harold E. Bailey and Virginia Bailey 3433. 7/10/1949 (UC1566296).
- Near Zion National Park. (Col: 37.1707N, 113.0790W) Tom Schweich 184. 5/27/1998 (Zzyzx s.n., UC1953430).
G.N.I.S.   Curly Hollow Wash:
- Utah, Washington County, Beaverdam Mountains, about 14 air miles west of Saint George, about 2 miles southeast of Route 56 on road to Apex Mines (1 mile southwest of summit) (Col: 37.0900N, 113.7658W) petals white with green glands and violet speckles, pinyon-juniper forest on limestone with Fallugia, sagebrush, Ephedra, Prunus, et al. Barbara J. Ertter 6218. 5/28/1986 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Geographic coordinates estimated from written location description. ]) (NY188581).
G.N.I.S.   Dixie National Forest:
- (Col: 38.1501N, 111.3004W) R. K. Gierisch 29. (UTC249672, CAN). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Italian Spring:
- Dixie N.F.; 1/4 mi. S. Italian Springs. Pine Vallley Mts. (Col: 37.1742N, 113.2239W) R. K. Gierisch 381. (CAN, UTC43099, RM, WS). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Leeds:
- Between Leeds and Oak Grove, Washington County. (37.2386N, 113.3591W, near-by location.) Alice Eastwood and John Thomas Howell 9180. 5/10/1941 (CAS290140).
G.N.I.S.   Oak Grove Campground:
- Oak Grove Campground (37.3172N, 113.4533W, near-by location.) D. M. Post 99. (Unknown). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Pine Mountain:
- (37.5844N, 114.0414W, near-by location.) C. C. Parry 203. (NY188558, CU, PH, NY188649, MO, GH, F). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Pine Valley:
- Pine Valley, near St. George. (37.3925N, 113.5002W, near-by location.) Alice Eastwood and John Thomas Howell 1275. 6/27/1933 (DS232157, CAS211040, CAS211019).
G.N.I.S.   Saint George:
- Near. St. George. (37.1041N, 113.5841W, near-by location.) Edward Palmer (US). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Isotype. Southeast Utah (37.1041N, 113.5841W, ) Edward Palmer (NY297605, US). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
- Habitat near St. George in southern Utah. (37.1041N, 113.5841W, near-by location.) Edward Palmer (CAS187041).
G.N.I.S.   Silver Reef:
- (37.2528N, 113.3677W, near-by location.) Marcus E. Jones 5176.1 (POM76527). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Smith Mesa:
- Smith Mesa Road, 0.3 mile northwest of Zion National Park boundary (Col: 37.2904N, 113.1186W) in Pinyon-Juniper community K. Moor 213. 6/11/1970 [Editorial Comments: 2008, Geographic coordinates have been estimated from written locaiton description. ]) (NY188583).
- R14W, T40S, S26. Wash and alkali seep ca 1 mi W of jct on Danish Ranch road. (No coordinates) Raparian alkali seep community in pinyon-juniper woodland. Sandy clay soil. Carmel Fm. R. B. Warrick 1556. 5/23/1986 (RSA369981).
G.N.I.S.   Washington Flat:
- Washington Flat, near te junction of he St. George Dump Road and the Cottonwood Canyon Road, ca 3 miles NE of the Dixie National Forest Boundary; (Col: 37.2506N, 113.5222W) Dry mesic foothill woodland; low organic content; Susan E. Meyer 790. 6/6/1970 (UTC197188).
G.N.I.S.   Wire Mesa:
- Utah, Washington County, Wire Mesa, 4.8 km (3 mi) southwest of Rockville and 4 km (2.5 mi) airline distance southwest (3708'N, 11304'W) (Col: 37.1330N, 113.0670W) common to frequent, in pinyon-juniper woodland, in sandy soil Noel H. Holmgren and Patricia K. Holmgren 8469. 6/21/1977 (NY188644).
G.N.I.S.   Zion National Park:
- Kolob N. M., North Creek, T40S, R11W, sec. 22. (37.3000N, 113.0508W, near-by location.) Dry slope. G. T. Crocket 6/17/1937 (UC1566194).
  Wayne County
G.N.I.S.   Capitol Reef National Park:
- (Col: 37.8541N, 111.0451W) on the Burr Trail just inside Capitol Reef National Monument. Tom Schweich 6/7/2008
- Near Capital Reef National Monument. (38.1500N, 111.1674W, near-by location.) R. McVaugh 14450. (RM). (Post, Douglas M., 1956).
G.N.I.S.   Gordon Flats:
- West of Robbers Roost (Col: 38.2101N, 110.1847W) Sand. L. A. Stoddart 246. [Editorial Comments: 23 Feb 2012, Source of collector's geographic coordinates is unknown. Closest GNIS location is Gordon Flats. ]) (UTC215075).


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