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Literature Cited:
- Post, Douglas M., 1956.

Other articles: Frasera albomarginata at Grand Canyon

Locations: Grand Canyon.  

Grand Canyon

There are numerous collections of Frasera albomarginata made at the Grand Canyon and the immediate surrounding area.



Other articles: Arizona Highway 64 at Tusayan

Locations: Tusayan.  



Other articles: Arizona Highway 64 at airport

Locations: Grand Canyon National Park Airport.  


Other articles: Arizona Highway 64 at US Hwy 180  

Junction: Arizona Highway 64

Other articles: Field Notes 31-May-08 north of Flagstaff
Full Size ImageSan Francisco Peaks from US Highway 180.  

View southeast to San Francisco Peaks.

Locations: Bull Basin. Kendrick Peak.  

Kendrick Park. There is a picnic ground here.

Kendrick Peak to the west. There is a collection of Frasera speciosa from near the top of Kendrick Peak. The collectors used Trail 40, from the Bull Basin Trail Head, at the end of Forest Road 90.

Other articles: Forest Road 151 at US180N  

Junction: Forest Road 151

Forest Road 151 roughly parallels US Highway 180 from this, its north junction with US 180, to its south junction with US 180, about 9 miles south.

Forest Road 151 also connects with Forest Road 418, which gives access to the Abineau / Bear Paw trailhead. Abineau Canyon is a collecting locality for Frasera speciosa.

Other articles: Forest Road 151 at US180S  

Junction: Forest Road 151

Locations: San Francisco Mountain.  

Fort Valley. San Francisco Mountain to the northeast.

Other articles: Forest Road 516 at US Hwy 180  

Junction: Forest Road 516 "Snow Bowl Road"

There are a number of collections of Frasera speciosa made in or near the Arizona Snow Bowl.

Locations: Agassiz Peak.  

US Highway changes direction from north-south to east west.

To the north east are the peaks of the San Francisco Mountains. On the left is Agassiz Peak, the right Fremont Peak.

There is a collection of Frasera speciosa made on the southwest slopes of Agassiz Peak.

Other articles: Shultz Pass Road (FR 420) at US 180  

Junction: N. Schulz Pass Road, and access to Elden Lookout Road.
  Junction: N. Weatherford Road

Deaver #6010 of Frasera speciosa was made on Weatherford Road.



Other articles: US Interstate 17 at US I-40 U. S. I-40 Business at N. Humphreys St

Locations: Flagstaff.  


  • Old Santa Fe, west 1 block to S. Milton Rd.
  • E. Santa Fe Avenue, east.
  • Historic U. S. Highway 66
  • US Interstate 40 Business, out of town, west or east, either way.

Other articles: U. S. Interstate 40 at Exit 204  

  • Walnut Canyon Road
  • US Interstate 40, at Exit 204, just east of Flagstaff.



Other articles: U. S. Interstate 40 at Holbrook  


Junction: US Interstate 40

Other articles: Petrified Forest Road 90000 Frasera albomarginata at Petrified Forest Natl Pk

Locations: Petrified Forest National Park.  

Junction: Petrified Forest Road

Locations: Little Colorado River.  

Cross Little Colorado River.

Other articles: Field Notes 2-Jun-08 at Little Colorado River
Full Size ImageLittle Colorado River  

Looking upstream at the Little Colorado River.



Locations: Saint Johns.  

Saint Johns


Other articles: US Highway 191 St. Johns  

Junction: US Highway 191, north.





Other articles: Forest Road 56 at US 180/191  

Junction: Forest Road 56, to Escudilla Mountain trailhead.



Other articles: US Highway 191 at Alpine

Locations: Alpine.  


Junction: US Highway 191, south to Clifton.




Literature Cited

  A list of all literature cited by this web site can be found in the Bibliography.
  Post, Douglas M. 1956. Studies in the Gentianaceae: Frasera and Swertia of North America. Ph.D. dissertation. University of California, Berkeley. 1956..
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