Eastern Mojave Vegetation Casa Diablo Mine Road, Mono County, and Casa Diablo Road, Inyo County, California  

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Home Page  From Benton Crossing Road, south-southeast down the Volcanic Tableland to near US Highway 395 and US Highway 6 north of Bishop.

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Junction: Benton Crossing Road

Full Size ImageGlass Mountain from Casa Diablo Mine Road  
  Junction: Casa Diablo Mine Cutoff Road

Full Size ImagePine Creek Canyon as seen from Casa Diablo Mine Road  

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Full Size ImageBlackbrush on the Volcanic Tableland
Full Size ImageBlackbrush on the Volcanic Tableland  

Small patches of Blackbrush

Full Size ImageThe road ahead.  



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- Bureau of Land Management, 2007.

Locations: Volcanic Tableland.  

Volcanic Tableland

The welded Bishop Tuff that comprises an area over 1000 km2 has a depth of 45m and the soils associated with this formation are very shallow and well-drained. Rocky and loamy soil textures dominate and are generally nutrient poor often having very low levels of inorganic nitrogen and plant-available phosphorus. Plant litter in the form of leaves and other organic matter as well as cryptobiotic soil crusts make up the bulk of the nutrient cycling material in this arid landscape.

The plants that comprise the desert-scrub plant community of the Volcanic Tableland have evolved under extreme temperature and associated high evapotranspiration regimes. Peak plant growth occurs in spring when soil moisture levels are at their highest and slows when temperatures have warmed and most of the soil moisture has evaporated from the root zone. Despite these extreme conditions, the Volcanic Tableland support a diversity of plant species which can be especially vibrant in early spring (April-May) in wet years when carpets of annual plants grace the desert slopes and canyons. While annuals may dominate the visual apects of the Volcanic table land, the vegetation type is most often described in terms of shrubs. Based upon species present the vegetation of the tableland can be described as a Blackbrush or Shadscale Scrub.

Full Size ImageView north on Casa Diablo Mine Road  

Full Size ImageFish Slough from Casa Diablo Mine Road  

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Junction: Jean Blanc Road, Fish Slough Road, and Chalk Bluff Road.
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