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  Junction: Parker Dam Road

Arizona above

Parker Dam
California below

Literature Cited:
- Douglass, John, Norman Meek, Ronald I. Dorn and Mark W. Schmeeckle, 2009.

Locations: Parker Dam Canyon.  

Parker Dam Canyon of the Colorado River.

As an application of their criteria-based methodology for determining the mechanism of transverse drainage development, Douglass, et al. (2009) determined overflow as the mechanism for transverse drainage through Parker Dam Canyon.



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Locations: Parker Dam.
Full Size ImageParker Dam, San Bernardino County, California  

Parker Dam

Junction: Trails End Camp Road
  Copper Basin Wash



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Locations: Bowmans Wash. Cross Roads.
Full Size ImageRemains of the general store and post office at the former town of Cross Roads.  

Cross Roads

Full Size Image
Bowmans Wash, looking north from near Cross Roads on Parker Dam Road.
The sign at left of the store reads: "In the 1930's during the period of construction of the Metropolitan Water District aqueduct and the Parker Dam, the town of Cross Roads developed to a population of about 2,000 - 3,000 people. The town consisted of 5 grocery stores, 3 restaurants, pool hall, barber shop, beauty shop, mortuary, bowling alley, 3 service stations, several garages, 2 used car lots, church, power plant, several saloons, several tourist cabins, and numerous residences. This is the remains of the Cross Roads Mercantile Co., later renamed Schwanbeck's, the most prominent business of the community. During this time the store also served as a U.S. Post Office. Operation of store continued until 1973."

Bowmans Wash, to which Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg frequently referred, crosses Parker Dam Road at this location.



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Junction: California Highway 62
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