Eastern Mojave Vegetation Minneola Road, San Bernardino County, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  South from I-15 at Minneola, to National Trails Highway.

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• Sunrise Canyon Road:   at Minneola Rd;  

Junction: Sunrise Canyon Road, turn east for Mule Canyon Road.

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• Interstate 15:   at Minneola Road;  

Junction: US Interstate 15
  Desert Symposium Field Trip Stop 2017-2-9. Minneola Road pop-up.

Park aound the corner on Yermo Road.

The road cut along Mineola Road exposes fluvial sediments and gray, silty lacustrine or deltaic sands. The quartzite pebbles in the deposit mark it as Mojave River sediment. Whether a lake or stream deposit, the sediment (Elev.) has been uplifted well above the surrounding fluvial plain (Elev). This is a pop-up . at a left bend in the right-lateral Calico fault. Define difference between Calico, Manix & Cady faults, both of which trend toward this point. tectonics of this junction of 4 faults; controls on Mojave River and the controls by other faults on the Minneola fluvial plain (Miller and Reynolds).

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• Yermo Road:   at Minneola Rd;  

Junction: Yermo Road
  Cross railroad tracks.
  Junction: Calico Road

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• Power Line Road #2 (Middle):   at Minneola Rd;  

Junction: Power Line Road

Locations: Mojave River.  

Cross Mojave River
  Junction: Valley Center Road
  Junction: Silver Valley Road
  Cross railroad tracks.

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• U. S. Highway 66:   at Minneola Rd;  

Junction: National Trails Highway, Old US Highway 66
  A somewhat ignominious end, as a dirt road up against US I-40.
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