Eastern Mojave Vegetation Larimer County Road 63E, “Pingree Road,” Larimer County, Colorado  

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Home Page  From CO 14 near Eggers south to Pingree Park.

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• Colorado State Highway 14:   at Pingree Rd;  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 14

Locations: Bennett Creek Picnic Area.  

Bennett Creek Picnic Area

Locations: Kyle Gulch.  

Junction: Crown Point Road, along Bennett Creek.

County Road 63E continues south up Kyle Gulch.

  Camman Spring



Jacks Gulch Campground

Jacks Gulch Campground is located adjacent to the Pingree Park Road (CR63E) and the Old Flowers Road. It is situated in a ponderosa pine forest setting with scattered clones of aspen. It is also an area that has abundant wild flowers at certain times of the camping season. The Columbine Loop has 27 sites with electrical hookups. This loop also provides access to 10 walk-in tent sites. The Yarrow Loop has 28 sites without electricity.

Locations: Little Beaver Creek. Rockwell Ranch.  

Rockwell Ranch.

Little Beaver Creek passes by Rockwell Ranch as it nears the South Fork of the Cache La Poudre River. About a mile up Little Beaver Creek is the location of a collection of Frasera speciosa.

Locations: Little Beaver Creek.  

Little Beaver Creek enters the South Fork Cache la Poudre River.

Locations: South Fork Cache la Poudre River.  

Junction: Old Flowers Road.

About 1/2 mile up Old Flowers Road is a collection of Frasera speciosa.

  Fish Creek Campground
  Lazy D Ranch
  Road leaves South Fork of Cache la Poudre Rover and follows Pennock Creek to the south.

Locations: Tom Bennett Campground.  

Tom Bennett Campground

Locations: Colorado State University Pingree Park.  

Colorado State University, Pingree Park Campus.
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