Eastern Mojave Vegetation Bristol Lake, San Bernardino County, California.

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See also: Cadiz Lake.

See also: Amboy. Danby Lake.

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Bristol Dry Lake is situated in the Mojave Desert region of southeastern San Bernardino County near Amboy, California. It is the largest (155 km2) in a system of three northwest-southeast trending dry lakes (playas) located in the Bristol-Danby Trough, at elevation 180 m, between the Bristol Mountains to the north and the Bullion and Sheephole Mountains to the south. This location os one of the most arid places in the United States. Bristol Dry Lake is filled with over 500 m of sediment in the basin center, os which 260 m is almost pure halite.

Bristol Dry Lake is separated from Cadiz Lake by the coalesced alluvial fans of the Calumet Mountains to the south and the Marble Mountains to the north. At present, both basins have completely separate internal drainage.

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  • Standard Lithium. 2017. Standard Lithium Signs MOU to Expand California Project with Permitted Producer in Bristol Dry Lake, Adds Additional Project at Cadiz Dry Lake. News. Date retrieved: 19 February 2018, URL: http://standardlithium.com/press-release/
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