Eastern Mojave Vegetation Pikes Peak, El Paso County, Colorado.

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Discovered by explorer Zebulon Pike in 1806, though long familiar to Indians and Spaniards, the peak has an elevation of 14,110 feet. It was first climbed in 1820. During the 19th century, "Pike's Peak or Bust" became a familiar rallying cry for those heading west, and over the years it has assumed the role of a virtual icon of western exploration and settlement. Was named James Peak by explorer Major Long in 1835 in honor of botanist Edwin James who made the first ascent of the this mountain.

Elevation: 14177ft, 4303m.

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  • Parry, Charles C. 1862. Ascent of Pike's Peak, July 1st, 1862. Transactions of the Academy of Science Saint Louis. 2(1):120-133. {TAS-pdf} Date retireved: 27 July 2017. URL: http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/5787861#page/138/mode/1up
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