Eastern Mojave Vegetation Mount Vernon Canyon, Jefferson County, Colorado.

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Elevation: 6460ft, 1969m.

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  • Beaman, John H. 1957. The Systematics and Evolution of Townsendia (Compositae). Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University. No. . Cambridge, MA: Gray Herbarium of Harvard University, 1957. https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/122304 {TAS-pdf}
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Species collected at or near this location.

This list summarizes plants collected or observed at this specific, named location. It does not include plants collected or observed at nearby named or unnamed locations. It may be more instructive to use the Area Lists that contain this location.

  • TAS – The plant was collected by Tom Schweich.
  • Oth – The plant was collected by someone, but not Tom.
  • Obs – The plant was observed, but not collected.




Townsendia hookeri Beaman. Hooker's Townsend Daisy (Oth)


Erigeron flagellaris A. Gray. Trailing Fleabane (Oth)



Centaurea stoebe L. Spotted Knapweed (Oth)


Helianthus pumilus Nutt. Little Sunflower (Oth)


Securigera varia (L.) Lassen. Purple Crownvetch (Oth)


Epilobium ciliatum Raf. Fringed Willowherb (Oth)


Argemone hispida A. Gray. Rough Prickly Poppy (Oth)

Papaver rhoeas L. Corn Poppy (Oth)


Eriogonum arcuatum Greene, Pittonia. 4: 319. 1901. Baker's Buckwheat (Oth)

Eriogonum effusum Nuttall, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia. 4: 15. 1848. Spreading Buckwheat (Oth)

Eriogonum umbellatum Torr. ramulosum Reveal. Buffalo Bill's Sulphur Flower (Oth)

Fallopia convolvulus (L.) A.Löve. Black Bindweed (Oth)


Delphinium carolinianum Walter virescens (Nutt.) R.E. Brooks. Plains Larkspur (Oth)

Ranunculus acriformis A. Gray. Sharpleaf Buttercup (Oth)


Ceanothus fendleri A. Gray. Fendler's Ceanothus (Oth)


Crataegus succulenta Schrad. ex Link. Fleshy Hawthorn (Oth)

Rubus idaeus L. strigosus (Michx.) Maxim. American Red Raspberry (Oth)


Eriocoma robusta (Vasey) Romasch. (Oth)

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