Eastern Mojave Vegetation Panaca Valley, Lincoln County, Nevada.


(= Meadow Valley)

The state of Nevada preserves this name of "Panaca Valley" in identifying the Panaca Valley watershed. However, the USGS GNIS identifies this valley as Meadow Valley.

Averett (1963) lists Panaca and Meadow Valley as valid southern Nevada place names, but does not mention "Panaca Valley."

There are some botanical collections, notably those of Marie Gentry made in 1941, which give the collecting locality as Panaca Valley and vicinity.

Elevation: 4722ft.

Articles that refer to this location:


Literature Referring To This Location:

  • Averett, Walter R. 1963. Directory of Southern Nevada Placenames. Revised Edition. {TAS}
  • Cunningham, Isabel Shipley. 1994. Howard Scott Gentry (1901-1993): Distinguished Economic Botanist and President, Society for Economic Botany 1974. Economic Botany. 48(4):359-381. BioSci: SB1.E37, TAS Refers briefly to "Marie Gentry."
  • Nichols, Tad, and Bill Broyles. 1997. Afield with Desert Scientists. Journal of the Southwest. 39(3/4):353-370. Main: F806.A64 Mentions Marie Gentry. http://www.jstor.org/stable/40170060
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  • Lincoln County Planning Department. 2007. Lincoln County Designated Water Basins. {TAS-pdf} Accessed 22-Feb-2010 at http://www.lincolncountynv.org/planning/maps/Lincoln_Designated_Basins.pdf

Species collected at or near this location:


Frasera albomarginata S. Watson.

Total number of taxa: 1
Native Taxa:
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Exotic Taxa:
(sans-serif, italic)
Nativity Undetermined:
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Listed Weeds:
Indentified as Weed
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