Eastern Mojave Vegetation A card from granddaddy.  


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  Deming NM
Howdy from Deming
From Deming, NM. Tuesday Evening 3/11

Dear Tom, Cheryl, et al.,

We think you will enjoy this card. We got it at the Luna County Mimbres Museum in Deming, an excellent assortment of Indian artifacts of the Mimbres and other tribes, as well as railroad, art, western, etc. There is so much to see and do here that we will stay at least 2 nights. We were in Tucson the previous 3 nights. We decide there to go day by day and are in no hurry. While in Tucson we went to see the San Xavier Mission and discovered that the Indians were having a Pow-Wow with dancing, food, trinket sales (actually some beautiful jewelry); very impressive.

I plan to play golf tomorrow morning in Deming, and Mother will probably do some watercolors, as she did in Tucson. On Thursday we'll probably go up to Albuquerque and then slowly work our way home along the northern route — hoping to avoid snow at the higher altitudes —

I was surprized to discover that Indians in Arizona and N.M. refer to themselves as Indians, not native Amer's.

Our Love to All ...

Dad, Mother, Granddaddy, Grandmother.

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