Eastern Mojave Vegetation Historical Marker for Jackrabbit.  


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  Jackrabbit, Lincoln County, Nevada
Photograph taken June 5, 2009.

The Jackrabbit Mines were at the base of the hills in the distance.

Local legend attributes the discovery to the locator picking up a rock to throw at a jackrabbit and finding himself holding high grade silver. The Jackrabbit district, named for the mine, was located in 1876 by Isaac Newton Garrison. Early mine production of the camp, at one time named Royal City, was about ten tons per day, carrying native silver in flakes. Yielding about $40 per ton -- sometimes as high as $2,000 per ton. Mineral production declined during the 1880's, but when a fifteen-mile narrow gauge railroad was opened in 1891 between the Jackrabbit mine and Pioche, mining soon increased. After 1893, the mines fell silent except for several short periods of activity in 1906-1907 and 1912-1914.
Nevada Historical Marker No. 204

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