Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 2676.3, Centaurea diffusa  


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  Asteraceae Centaurea diffusa
Photographed 2 February 2022.

Plants of Jefferson County Open Space
Jefferson County, Colorado

Centaurea diffusa Lam.  Diffuse Knapweed.

Tin Cup Ridge, Jefferson County, Colorado. Lower part of the east base of the hogback locally called Tin Cup Ridge, the northward extension of Dinosaur Ridge into Golden, 6.3 km. south southeast of the GNIS location of Golden. 39.714N, 105.2042W. WGS 1984 Elev. 1883 m. Phyllaries chartaceous and green with faint purple mottling, with 1 mm. central spine, flowers white, pappus of short scales. One of three collections made here; most have white flowers, some have purple flowers.

Collected by permit: Jefferson County Open Space, 2021, issued: Apr 1, 2021, to: Tom Schweich.

Tom Schweich, with Cindy Trujillo 2676.2 10-Aug-2021

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