Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 2691, Lactuca tatarica var. pulchella.  


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  Asteraceae Lactuca tatarica pulchella
Photographed 5 February 2022.

Plants of Colorado

Lactuca tatarica (L.) C.A.Mey. var. pulchella (Pursh) Breitung.  Blue Lettuce.

Salt Creek, Park County, Colorado. South-facing hillside along Salt Creek and Pike-San Isabel National Forest Road 435 "Salt Creek Road," 3.2 mi. by road west of US Highway 285, 145 km. southwest of the GNIS location of Golden. 38.9581N, 106.0124W. WGS 1984 Elev. 2863 m. Blue ligules, copious pappus of bristles, milky sap, lower cauline leaves runcinate and secund. Open hillside with ponderosa pines, collected nearby: Chaenactis douglasii, Erigeron subtrinervis, Gutierrezia sarothrae, and Hymenoxys richardsonii var. floribunda.

Collected by permit: Pike - San Isabel National Forest, 2021, issued: Mar 29, 2021, to: Tom Schweich.

Tom Schweich 2691. 16-Aug-2021

Coll. No. 2691, 16 Aug 2021, characters observed: Perennial herb, 80-90 cm., supposedly rhizomatous but I never dug any out, glabrous; Leaves, cauline, alternate, sessile, blade 100-110 mm. × 20 mm. wide, runcinate to entire above; Inflorescence, heads, many, showy, >leaves; Involucre, 12 mm. × 3 mm. wide, lower << rest of involucre, thin (tear easily), green, flat, margin, scarious, tips, acute, purple, little tuft of hairs; Ray flowers, tube 1.7 mm. + blade 7.5 mm. × 1.3 mm. wide, tips, 5-lobed, blue, fertile; Pappus, many well-developed, fine bristles, 9 mm., a little off-white.

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