Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 2728, Symphyotrichum foliaceum var. parryi  


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  Asteraceae Symphyotrichum foliaceum parryi
Photographed 15 February 2022.

Plants of Colorado

Symphyotrichum foliaceum (DC.) G. L. Nesom var. parryi (D. C. Eaton) G. L. Nesom.  Parry's Aster.

Brumley, Lake County, Colorado. Sandy abandoned oxbow of the North Fork of Lake Creek, about 145 m. north of the Sno-Tel station road turnoff from the highway, about 11 road miles generally west on Colorado Highway 82 from the town of Twin Lakes, 175 km. southwest of Golden. 39.0903N, 106.5419W. WGS 1984 Elev. 3235 m. Long rhizomatous, rays white, slightly tinged lavender. Somewhat older and more vegetated portion of the sandy bar. Brumley was a stage stop on the route across Independence Pass.

Collected by permit: Pike - San Isabel National Forest, 2021, issued: Mar 29, 2021, to: Tom Schweich.

Tom Schweich 2728. 18-Aug-2021

Coll. No. 2728, 18 Aug 2021, characters observed: Perennial herb, to 12 cm., long rhizomatous; Stem, proximal glabrate, hairy in lines decurrent from leaf bases, hairy in inflorescence; Leaves, basal and cauline, alternate, petiole 20 mm. + blade 90 mm. × 22 mm. wide, reduced distally, entire, ciliate, tips, rounded; Inflorescence, heads 1-4 per stem, ≥leaves; Involucre, 8 mm. × 12 mm. wide, hemispheric; Phyllaries, graduated, 3±-series, chartaceous base to tip green, eglandular, margins, flat, somewhat ciliate, tip, acute, some reflexed(?); Receptacle, epaleate; Flowers, of 2 kinds; Ray flowers, many, tube 2 mm. + blade 10 mm. × 1.7 mm. wide, white, some tinged lavender, fading to lavender, fertile; Disk flowers, many, tube 4.5 mm. + lobes 0.5 mm., yellow; Pappus, many, bristles, 3.0-3.7 mm., ±equal; Cypsela, 2.5 mm. × 0.5 mm. wide, light brown, sparsely hairy.

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