Eastern Mojave Vegetation Sims (1818) Plate 2020 of Helianthus diffusus.  


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  Asteraceae Helianthus pauciflorus
Downloaded from Biodiversity Heritage Library 30 December 2022. From Sims (1818) Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Plate 2020 and following discussion.
Helianthus diffusus. Missouri Sun-Flower.
Class and Order.
Syngenesia Polygamia Frustranea.
Generic Character.
Recept. paleaceum, planum. Pappus diphyllus. Cal. imbricatus, subsquarrosus.
Specific Character.
Helianthus diffusus ; caule hispido divaricato, foliis ovatis rigidis scabris serrulatis alternis oppositisque, pedunculis longissimis unifloris.

Descr. Stem angular, purple, hispid : branches distant, rambling, bearing one terminal flower on a very long peduncle. The whole plant is clothed with stiff, stinging hairs, scarcely exceeds two feet in height, but spreads wide. Leaves both opposite and alternate, oblong-ovate, rigid, very rough. Calyx imbricated, scales ovate, in four series, smooth, with villous edges. Flowers large : rays about twenty, oblong-ovate, plicate, three-toothed, of a very full yellow colour. Floscules of the disk yellow: tube filiform pedicle-like : border cylindrical. Anthers dark purple. Stigmas revolute, golden yellow. Chaff of the receptacle linear-lanceolate, concave, green. Germens three-cornered, crowned with a two-leaved, awl-shaped pappus.

From its rambling manner of growth, this plant does not appear very sightly in the garden ; but is one of the most desirable flowers imaginable for ornamenting rooms, as it lives long in water, and from its spreading branches, the flowers dispose well, and make a very brilliant appearance.

A hardy perennial. Blooms in August and September. Our drawing was made from a specimen communicated by Aylmer Bourke Lambert, Esq. three years ago, out of his collection at Boyton, where it was raised from seeds collected on the borders of the Missouri, by Mr. Nuttall ; but our description was taken at the Botanic Garden at Chelsea in August last.

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