Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 118, Eriophyllum wallacei  


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  Asteraceae Eriophyllum wallacei
Scanned 31 October 2013.

The flower head at right has been partially dissected, and the conical receptacle can be seen.

Coll. No. 118, 29 April 1997, characters observed while keying: Annual, tap-rooted, wooly, to 4 cm.; Leaves, cauline, alternate, 7 mm., sessile or very short-petioled, without embedded oil glands; Inflorescence, some flowers with strap-shaped corollas, head radiate, composed of 2 kinds of flowers; Peduncle, 6-8 mm.; Phyllaries, in 1 series, flat, 5 mm., without embedded oil glands; Receptacle epaleate, conical (TJM2 says “hemispheric”); Pappus, 6-8 short (0.5 mm.) scales, ±equal; Corollas, yellow, ray tube 1 mm. + blade 5 mm.; Anther tips awl-like (almost look hair-like); Fruit, 2 mm.

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