Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 232, Atriplex confertifolia  


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  Chenopodiaceae Atriplex confertifolia
Scanned 23 May 2015.

Coll. No. 232, 30 Apr 2000, characters observed; Perennial, woody shrub, to 1 m.; Stem, some branch tips spiny, smooth not striate; Leaves, petiole 4-5 mm., blade 16-18 mm. × 9.0-9.5 mm. wide, length 1.7-2.0  × width, margins entire; Inflorescence, dioecious or monoecious (staminate or pistillate flowers are borne separately, but when the collection was made, I did not note separate branches or separate plants); Bracts, fruiting, to 5 mm. × 4 mm. wide, ±leaf-like (small, per description in TJM2, but all different sizes and likely still growing).

Some of the fruiting bracts are circles in red.

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