Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. no. 246, Bahiopsis parishii  


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  Asteraceae Bahiopsis parishii
Scanned 15 Jan 2014.

Coll. No. 246, 5 June 2000, characters observed: Perennial (assumed), to 40 cm.; Leaves, basal unknown, cauline present; Phyllaries, in 2 series, ±equal, abruptly narrowed at middle, not subtending ray flowers; Receptacle, flat, paleate, palea folded around disk flower ovary; Flowers, of two kinds, heads radiate; Rays, yellow, sterile, style 0, pappus of short scales; Disk, pappus of short scales and 2 long scales; Fruit, compressed, hairy, but margin not ciliate.

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