Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No, 322, Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum  


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  Asteraceae Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum
Scanned 26 October 2013.

Coll. No. 322, 22 March 2003, characters observed while keying: Annual, to 25 cm., tap-rooted; Stem, branched at base, ascending, tomentose, without embedded translucent oil glands; Leaves, alternate, sessile to ±clasping, to 35 mm., not spiny, entire, leaves just below cluster of flowers shorter than cluster; Inflorescence, without strap-shaped corollas, flowers of 1 kind; Heads, many per flower stem; Involucre 3 mm.; Phyllaries in 2+ series, unequal in size and appearance, outermost transparent, inner have some green near base, not spiny; Receptacle epaleate; Pappus of fine bristles, 8-12+, shed in rings; Corollas, white to pink, radial (not bilateral).

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