Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 403, Heliomeris multiflora var. nevadensis  


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  Asteraceae Heliomeris multiflora nevadensis
Scanned 22 October 2013.

Coll. No. 403, 25 May 2004, characters observed while attempting to key: Perennial, woody at base, to 35 cm., generally short appressed hairy throughout; Leaves, cauline, opposite, sessile or very short petioled, 30 mm. × 5 mm. wide, bases fused around stem, narrowly elliptic, margin entire; Inflorescence, single heads, terminal or axillary, ray flowers immature, reduced, or absent; Phyllaries in 2+ overlapping series, ±equal, 5.5 mm. × 1 mm., lanceolate, entirely green, margins flat, none of the first two series subtending ray flowers; Receptacle convex or conic, paleate; Palea flat, or wrapped around ovary only at base, awned or sharp-pointed; Pappus 0; Corolla, yellow or orange; Anthers, 5, bases rounded but flowers quite immature; Ovary ±thick, not ciliate; Style immature, dilated(?).

Flowers are immature. Similarity to Sanvitalia noted when collected, except this is definitely a perennial woody at base, and out of range for Sanvitalia.

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