Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 510, Arnica chamissonis  


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  Asteraceae Arnica chamissonis
Scanned 17 March 2011. Background grid is 10 x 10 to the inch.

Coll. No. 510, 2 Aug 2007, characters observed: Herbaceous perennial, 60 cm.; Stem, proximal axils white hairy; Leaves opposite, petiole 65 mm, blade 68 mm. × 15 mm. wide, length 4.5 × width; Inflorescence 2-3 heads; Heads, 2 kinds of flowers; Phyllaries in 2 series, 8 mm., outer ≥ inner, stalked glandular, adaxial face glabrous, hair tufted near tip, tip acute; Receptacle epaleate; Ray corolla yellow; Disc corolla should be stalked-glandular but can't see; Pappus of well-developed bristles on both kinds of flowers, 6 mm., white, short plumose; Achene, sparsely glandular.

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