Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 788, Erythranthe guttata  


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  Phyrmaceae Mimulus guttatus
Scanned 15 Dec 2011.

Coll. No. 788, 15 Dec 2011, characters observed while keying: Herb terrestrial, in wet places, to 5 dm tall. Leaves cauline, opposite, to 40 mm, round, not lobed or dissected, toothed to 2 mm, fused at base around stem; Infloresence 15-20 fls; Pedicel (5-13 mm) > calyx (9-15 mm); Calyx not spurred at base, angled in cross-section, cleft < 1/2 length (?), asymmetrically inflated in fruit; Corolla tubular (not rotate), yellow, not red-spotted, 25 mm, deciduous, upper lobes not united, lower lobes not pouched upwards, reflexed downward; Stamens fertile 4, unequal length, staminode absent; Stigma maybe weakly 2-lobed (not capitate); Fruit 6 mm.

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