Eastern Mojave Vegetation Phyllaries of Coll. No. 1280, Solidago rigida var. humilis  


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  Asteraceae Solidago rigida humilis
Scanned 14 January 2016.

The thing to see are the multiple striations on the adaxial surface of the phyllaries.

Coll. No. 1280, 28 August 2015, characters observed: Herbaceous perennial, to 70 cm., apparently reproducing in part by offsets (“caudices branching”), short spreading hairy throughout; Leaves, basal and cauline, basal, #3-8, petiole, 15 cm., blade, 12.5 cm. × 6 cm. wide, ovate, entire, withered at flowering, cauline, alternate, sessile, 60 mm. × 27 mm. wide, ovate, entire, reduced above; Inflorescence, cymose, heads borne singly on short pedicels; Phyllaries, 2+ series, graduated, largest, 4.5 mm. × 1.3 mm. wide, tip obtuse, veins 3, ciliate distally; Receptacle, convex, epaleate; Flowers of 2 kinds; Rays, fertile, corolla, 5.5 mm. × 0.8 mm. wide, yellow; Disk flowers, corolla, 5 mm., yellow; Pappus, bristles, 1 series; Cypsela, 1 mm., glabrous.

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