Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1451, Rorippa tenerrima  


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  Brassicaceae Rorippa tenerrima
Scanned 16 December 2016.

Coll. No. 1451, 22 Jun 2016, characters observed: Annual, to 15 cm., generally glabrous throughout; Leaves, basal unknown, cauline, largest, petiole 26 mm + blade 60 mm. × 24 mm. wide, oblanceolate in shape, deeply pinnately lobed, reduced above; Inflorescence, raceme, ebractwate; Sepal, 0.7 mm.; Petals, 0.8 mm., color unknown, drying purple; Stamens, #6; Fruit, 7 mm. × 1.3 mm. wide, terete, ascending, not constricted, papillate; Ovules, #21

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