Eastern Mojave Vegetation Groom Road, Lincoln County, California  

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Home Page  From Nevada State Route 375, generally west through the south end of the Groom Range, to Groom Lake in the Nellis Air Force Range.

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• Nevada Highway 375:   at Groom Rd;  

Junction: Nevada State Route 375
  Rock Springs Road
  Junction: Death Valley Immigrant Trail
Nellis Air Force Range

Public access to the Nellis Air Force Range is highly restricted, although some areas support grazing leases. The Nellis Air Force Range is used for training, testing, and weapons evaluation operations for the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, National Guard, Navy, DOE, and reserve forces. Target complexes with bombing circles and triangles, and simulated runways, airfields, and convoys are situated on parts of the Nellis Air Force Range.

Other articles:
• Groom Mine Road:   at Groom Rd;  

Junction: Road north to Groom Mine



Locations: Groom Lake.  

Groom Lake

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