Eastern Mojave Vegetation Nevada State Route 486, White Pine County, Nevada  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  From US Highway 93 at Duck Creek, through the Duck Creek Valley, over Success Summit, and down Steptoe Creek to US Highways 50 and 93.

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• U. S. Highway 93:   at NV SR 486;  

Junction: US Highway 93, north of McGill.



Gallagher Gap




Duck Creek Valley




Success Summit


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• Field Notes:   10-Jun-08 on Upper Steptoe Creek;

Locations: Steptoe Creek.
Full Size ImageAspen Grove along Upper Steptoe Creek  

Aspen grove high on Steptoe Creek. Location is apparently reservable.

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• Field Notes:   10-Jun-08;
Full Size ImageCanyon above Cave Lake, Nevada.  

Literature Cited:
- Mast, M.A., and David W. Clow, 2000.

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• Frasera albomarginata:   near Success Summit;

Locations: Steptoe Creek.  

Frasera albomarginata has been collected here on upper Steptoe Creek.

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• Field Notes:  20080610080;
• Frasera albomarginata:  near Cave Lake St Pk;
Full Size ImageCollection No. 549
Full Size ImageFrasera albomarginata location near Cave Lake, Nevada.  

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• Field Notes:  20080610070;
Full Size ImageView of Cave Lake, Nevada.  



Locations: Cave Lake State Park.  

Cave Lake State Park


Other articles:
• U. S. Highway 50:   at NV SR 486;
• U. S. Highway 93:   at NV SR 486;  

Junction: US Highway 50, US Highway 93
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