Eastern Mojave Vegetation White Pine County Route 3, "Long Valley Road," White Pine County, Nevada  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Through Long Valley, connecting to US Highway 50 in the south, and the Ruby Valley in the north.

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• Nevada County Route 788:   at White Pine Cty line;  

Junction: Elko County Route 788 "Ruby Valley Road"

Elko County above

White Pine County below

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• Nevada County Route 006:  10000;
• Nevada County Route 788:  90000;  

Junction: County Route 6, "Big Wash Road"
  Junction: County Route 4
  Junction: road to the northeast



Literature Cited:
- Kartesz, John Thomas, 1988.
- Trexler, Dennis T., and Wilton N. Melhorn, 1986.

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• Singing and Booming Sand Dunes:  Long Valley Dunes, Nevada;
• Frasera albomarginata:   in Long Vy;

Locations: Long Valley.  

Long Valley

Kartesz (1988) notes that Frasera albomarginata is found in Long Valley. I doubt that the taxon is found on the floor of the valley itself, but rather is found in the foothills at the edge of the valley.

Other articles:
• Long Valley Canyon Road:   at CR-3;  

Junction: County Route 8, "Long Valley Canyon", to the east.
  Junction: Road to the west into Newark Valley

Other articles:
• U. S. Highway 50:   at Long Vy Rd;  

Junction: US Highway 50, on the west side of Jakey Valley.
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