Eastern Mojave Vegetation Forest Road 336 “Sand Creek Pass Road”, Roosevelt National Forest, Larimer County, Colorado  

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Junction: County Road 80C “Sand Creek Road”
  To the northeast, the road leaves Sand Creek in the direction of CR 80C “Sand Creek Road”

to the southwest the road follows Sand Creek for several miles.

  Junction: Forest Road 523, west out of the valley of Sand Creek
  Junction: Forest Road 523C, west out of the valley of Sand Creek.
  Junction Forest Road 336D
  Junction: Forest Road 212 “Bald Beaver Road”
  Junction: Forest Road 336C, east a little way.
  Junction: Forest Road 523, west out on a ridge, then coming back.
  Junction: Forest Road 303, west then south back to CR 86 “Deadman Road.”

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Locations: Eaton Ditch.
Full Size ImageLocation of Deadman (Eaton) Ditch  

Pass, Deadman (Eaton) Ditch empties into Sand Creek.
  Junction Forest Road 336B, northeast up the ridge in the direction of the Eaton Ditch Camp.

Road appears to end at Deadman (Eaton) Ditch.

Locations: Eaton Ditch Camp.  

Junction: Forest Road 336A, northeast up the course of Deadman Creek in the direction of Eaton Ditch Camp.

It is unclear whether this road goes all the way to Eaton Ditch Camp. It definitely goes as fas ar Deadman (Eaton) Ditch, but aerial photography does not give a clear view about whether it is possible to ford the ditch in a vehicle. The distance from the "ford" to the camp is about 900 feet.

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Junction: County Road 86 “Deadman Road,”
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