Eastern Mojave Vegetation Wyoming Highway 130, Carbon and Albany Counties  

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Home Page  Wyoming Highway 230 has two segments, this one, the western segment between WY 130 to Riverside and then the Colorado State line, and the eastern segment, from Laramie to Woods Landing and to the Colorado State line.

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• Interstate 80:   at US Hwy 287;  

Junction: US Interstate 80, US Highway 30, and US Highway 287

Locations: North Platte River.  

Cross the North Platte River

Locations: Saratoga.  


Saratoga is the home of the Steinley Cup microbrew festival and competition, usually held in August at Veterans Island Park, a playground and picnic facility on a small island in the North Platte River, which is designated a Blue Ribbon Stream by the Wyoming Game and Fish. Saratoga also has a public pool heated by a hot spring. Its two largest employers are the United States Forest Service and Carbon County School District No. 2, both public sector employers. The town's motto is "Where The Trout Leap In Main Street." The local newspaper is the Saratoga Sun.

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• WY Highway 230 West:   at WY 130;  

Junction: WY Highway 230, south to Colorado, Walden, etc.


Locations: Snowy Range Pass.  

Snowy Range Pass


Locations: Centennial.  



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• WY Highway 230 East:   at WY 130;  

Junction: Wyoming Highway 230, west to Colorado and Walden, CO.

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• Interstate 80:   at Exit 311;  

Junction: US Interstate 80

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