Eastern Mojave Vegetation Nevada County Route 788  

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Home Page   Nevada County Route 788 passes the east side of the Ruby Mountains from NV Hwy 229 in the north to approximately Fort Ruby. I have extended the route another mile or two to the Junction with the Overland Pass Road.

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Junction: Nevada Highway 229.

Locations: Ruby Valley. Full Size Image Settlement of Ruby Valley  

Ruby Valley


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Junction: Elko County Route 718, Harrison Pass Road, west to Huntington Valley on the west side of the Ruby Mountains.

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Harrison Pass Road.

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Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge


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View northeast of Ruby Mountains from Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge.
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Coyote at Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

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South Ruby Campground



Some of the places look like shanties, but many look like fine vacation homes.

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Elko County above
White Pine County below

Junction: White Pine County Route 3, "Long Valley Road"

Elko County Route 788 probably really ends here at the Elko / White Pine County line.

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Junction: Elko County Route 006, Overland Pass Road.

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Sign showing route of Pony Express trail at south end of Ruby Mountains.

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