Eastern Mojave Vegetation "Owens River Road," Forest Road 2S07, Mono County, California  

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Home Page  From US Highway 395, along the Owens River in Long Valley, to Benton Crossing Road.

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• U. S. Highway 395:   at Owens River Road;  

Junction: US Highway 395
  Junction: Big Springs Road, to Big Springs Campground

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Full Size ImageGlass Mountain, northeast wall of Long Valley Caldera  

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Locations: Hot Creek.  

Hot Creek Recreation Site

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Hot Creek Geological Site
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Field Trip Day 2, Detail of Stops 5-10
Field Trip Stop 2-6, "Hot Creek," of the 2009 Desert Symposium (Reynolds and Jessey, 2009).

From the interpretive overlook, note the steam rising from fumaroles and hot springs along the creek. Hot springs also discharge directly into Hot Creek near the remains of the bridge that formerly spanned the creek. The mingling of hot spring water with snow-melt fed stream water produces extreme temperature gradients in the creek. The wide range of temperatures has made this area popular for swimming year-round so the Forest Service constructed change rooms for visitors. Unfortunately, in 2006 Hot Creek experienced an increase in geothermal activity, intermittently spurting hot, sediment-laden water as high as 6 feet above the stream surface. At times this geyser activity is vigorous enough to produce “popping” sounds audible from hundreds of feet away. The activity usually lasts a few seconds and occurs at irregular intervals, with several minutes between eruptions. The unpredictability of this hazardous activity led the U.S. Forest Service to close parts of the Hot Creek Geologic Site in June 2006. As of 2008 it remained closed to public access (Reynolds and Jessey, 2009).

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• U. S. Highway 395:   at Hot Creek Hatchery River Rd;  

Junction: US Highway 395
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