Eastern Mojave Vegetation Test Station Road, Mono County, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  From US Hwy 395, just south of Lee Vining, east to the south shore of Mono Lake, crossing Rush Creek, then past the South Tufa area to California Highway 120.

Three names are applied to this road: Forest Road 01N51, South Tufa Road, and Test Station Road.

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Junction: US Highway 395

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Junction: Picnic Grounds Road

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Locations: Rush Creek.
Full Size ImageRush Creek on downstream side of Test Station Road.  

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Rush Creek on upstream side of Test Station Road.
Cross Rush Creek

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Junction: Rush Creek Road

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Locations: Rush Creek delta. Rush Creek Duck Ponds.
Full Size ImageRush Creek delta and Mono Lake.  

Trailhead: Trail to Rush Creek delta.

The road to the shore of Mono Lake near the Rush Creek delta has been closed. The walk is about 3/4 mile.

This is also the general location of the Rush Creek Duck Ponds.

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Full Size ImageColl. No. 954, Ephedra viridis  

Location of Coll. No. 954, Ephedra viridis

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Full Size ImageColl. No. 955, Castilleja chromosa  

Intense display of Paintbrush, likely the location of M. S. Taylor's #4863 (CHSC37296, JEPS81454).

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Locations: Lago.
Full Size ImageLocation of Lago, a ficticious town in the movie High Plains Drifter.  

View of the location of the ficticious town of Lago.

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Full Size ImageSouth Tufa area from the Mono Lake shoreline  

  Trail to “Lago”.



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Locations: Mono Lake. South Tufa Area.
Full Size ImageFresh water spring with new tufa  

South Tufa Parking Lot

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Mandated Lake Level, October 4, 2013
Full Size Image
Tufa towers in late afternoon sun.
Full Size Image
Mandated Lake Level, June 25
Full Size Image
South tufa in June 2015.
Full Size Image
“The Pirate Ship” at South Tufa
Junction: Forest Road 01N51A “South Tufa Parking”

Turn here for the South Tufa Parking Lot.

  Junction: McPherson Grade (Closed).

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Junction: Navy Beach Road

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Locations: Mono Lake. Navy Beach.
Full Size ImageHistorical Plaque for Navy Beach  

Historical Plaque for Navy Beach.

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Junction: California Highway 120
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