Eastern Mojave Vegetation Racetrack Valley Road, Inyon County, California  

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Home Page  This article describes Racetrack Valley Road from its junction with North Highway near Scotty's Castle to The Racetrack (a dry lake) in Death Valley National Park.

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• North Highway:   at Racetrack Valley Road;  

Junction: North Highway, north to Scotty's Castle, and south into Death Valley.

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• Death Valley Road:  Junction:;  

Junction: Death Valley Road, take Death Valley Road north to the Last Chance Range, then west to the Eureka Valley, and the Inyo Mountains.

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• Field Notes:  23-Apr-08;
Full Size ImageNorthern part of Death Valley from Ubehebe Crater  

View north from parking lot at Ubehebe Crater. This is the northern part of Death Valley.



Literature Cited:
- Valentine, Greg A., Judy Fierstein, and James D. L. White, 2021.

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• Cemetery Road (FR 02N40):   above Mill Creek;

Locations: Ubehebe Crater.  

Ubehebe Crater

Soft sediment deformation is always interesting and can yield impressive shapes when exposed in cuts or cliffs. Generally it is thought that soft sediment deformation occurs when the sediments are in a wet and cohesive state. However, Valentine, et al. (2021) show that there is no evidence of wet deposition in soft sediment structures at Ubehebe Crater. Instead they show that a massive bed can creep downhill in a dry state carrying and crumpling the overlying beds. This is probably quite a bit different than the crumpled beds of mud along Cemetery Road at Mono Lake.

Full Size Image
Ubehebe Crater

Full Size ImageFerocactus polycephalus along Racetrack Valley Road.
Full Size ImageOpuntia along Racetrack Valley Road.  

Literature Cited:
- DeDecker, Mary, 1984.

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• Frasera albomarginata:   in Death Valley region;

Locations: Dry Mountain.  

Dry Mountain to the west of the road.

Frasera albomarginata has been observed, but not collected on Dry Mountain.

Locations: Tin Mountain.  

Tim Mountain to the east of the road.



Locations: Teakettle Junction.
Full Size ImageThe sign and teakettle at Teakettle Junction.  

Teakettle Junction




Ubehebe Lead Mine


Locations: Racetrack.
Full Size ImageThe Racetrack as seen from a distance.  



Full Size ImageThe Racetrack and the Grandstand.  

The Racetrack


Locations: Racetrack.
Full Size ImageRock on The Racetrack
Full Size ImageRock on The Racetrack.  

Full Size Image
Rock on The Racetrack
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