Eastern Mojave Vegetation Jefferson County Road 57, “Drew Hill Road” and “Crawford Gulch Road”, Jefferson County, Colorado  

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Home Page  From Golden Gate Canyon State Park visitors center down Ralston Creek, then turning south across Crawford Gulch, to Golden Gate Canyon Road.

Other articles:
• Colorado State Highway 46:   at Cty 57;  

Junction: Colorado Highway 46, “Golden Gate Canyon Road”



Golden Gate Canyon State Park Visitors Center

  Ralston Roost Trailhead Parking.
  Horseshoe Trailhead Parking.
  Round the Bend picnic area.
  Golden Gate Canyon State Park above
  Gilpin County above
Jefferson County below
Golden Gate Canyon State Park below
  Bridge Creek Trailhead.
  Parking and picnic area.
  Ranch Ponds

Locations: Nott Creek.  

Junction: Nott Creek Road, parking lot and trailhead about 0.3 mile north.
  Red Barn Group Picnic Area
  Golden Gate Canyon State Park above

Locations: Deer Creek.  

Road climbs in the canyon of Ralston Creek to the park visitor center.

Just slightly downstream from this point, Deer Creek empties into Ralston Creek. There is one collection of Frasera speciosa made on a north-facing slope in the Deer Creek drainage. Access to the Deer Creek drainage is from the Nott Creek trailhead.

  Road turns south leaving Ralston Creek.

Other articles:
• Belcher Hill Road:   at CR 57;

Locations: White Ranch Park.  

Junction: Belcher Hill Road, east to White Ranch Park.

Other articles:
• Golden Gate Canyon Road:   at cty rd 57;  

Junction: County Road 70, “Golden Gate Canyon Road”
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