Eastern Mojave Vegetation County Road 70,“ Golden Gate Canyon Road,” Jefferson County, Colorado  

Tom Schweich  

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• Colorado State Highway 46:   at cty line;  

Golden Gate Canyon Road continues as Colorado State Highway 46.

Gilpin County above …

Jefferson County below …

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• Field Notes:   6 Jun 2023;
Full Size ImageView southeast of Guy Gulch.
Full Size ImageView northwest along Guy Gulch.  

Full Size Image
Bear sign.

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• Field Notes:   31 July 2023;
Full Size ImageWhere we parked on July 31st.  

Where we worked on 31 July.

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• Field Notes:   14 Jun 2023;   12 Jul 2023;

Locations: Centennial Ranch.
Full Size ImageView northwest on Guy Gulch, 14 June 2023.  

Centennial Ranch

Full Size Image
Where we went Wednesday, 12 July 2023.

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• Robinson Hill Road:   at Cty 70;  

Junction: Robinson Hill Road

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• Field Notes:   12 Jul 2023;

Locations: Guy Gulch.
Full Size ImageView across Guy Gulch from the high point of the day.  

Road reaches bottom of Guy Gulch.
  Guy Gulch drainage above…
Tucker Gulch drainage below …

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• County Road 57:   at CR 70;  

Junction: County Road 57 “Crawford Gulch Road”



Locations: Mount Galbraith Park.  

Mount Galbraith Park

Challenging terrain, magnificent views. Mount Galbraith Park is a hiker-only destination, boasting nearly five miles of steep, rocky trails that reward the hardy with commanding views of Golden, the plains and the Continental Divide.

Locations: Golden Gate Canyon.  

Mouth of Golden Gate Canyon.

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• Catamount Drive:   at Golden Gate;  

Junction: Catamount Drive, north to city shops and Pine Ridge Road.

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• CO Hwy 93:   at Cty 70;
Full Size ImageMouth of Golden Gate Canyon, source of Tucker Gulch.  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 93
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