Eastern Mojave Vegetation Walker Pass, Kern County, California.

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Well known and used pass across the southern Sierra Nevada, on California Highway 178. Historical plaque at Walker Pass reads as follows:

Walker's Pass

Discovered by Joseph R. Walker, American trail-blazer, who left the San Joaquin Valley through this pass in 1834. This area was traversed by topographer Edward M. Kern, after whom the Kern River was named, while accompanying the Fremont expedition of 1845. After 1860 it became a mining freight route to Owens Valley.

Dedicated April 25, 1937. Marker placed by Bakersfield Parlor No. 42 N.S.G.W., El Tejon Parlor No. N.S.G.W., Kern County Chamber of Commerce. State registered landmark No. 99.

Elevation: 5282ft, 1610m.

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Species collected at or near this location:


Salvia dorrii (Kellogg) Abrams pilosa (A. Gray) J. L. Strachan & Rev. Purple Sage

Interesting collections made at or near this location:

  • Salvia dorrii (Kellogg) Abrams
    • Barbara J. Ertter, with with James Shevock and Teresa Sholars. 6995 5/25/1987
    • Carl C. Epling and Harvey Anderson 0 3/30/1931
    • Carl C. Epling and Harvey Anderson 0 3/30/1931
    • L. R. Abrams 11934 5/1/1927
    • Tom Schweich 14 5/20/1993
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