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  Colorado, Jefferson County, Golden, White Ash Mine
Photographed 25 October 2014.

“Recently a fatal accident occurred, causing the death of ten men who were working at the end of the lowest level of the White Ash mine in the direction of the Loveland mine. The latter mine has for years been full of water. One of the upper levels of the White Ash, which if protracted would have made connection with the lowest level of the Loveland, has for a long time been on fire, and it is supposed that this at last burned through into the Loveland, letting in the water, which ran down the White Ash shaft and drowned the men working in the levels below. The bodies of the men have not been recovered and the mine has been closed down since the accident.” (Ann. Report Golden School of Mines for 1889, p. 60)

The Old White Ash Mine was among the first worked in Colorado and was abandoned September 9, 1889 by reason of accidental flooding, supposedly from the Loveland mine to the north.

“A longitudinal cross-section of the Old White Ash mine at the date of abandonment shows the collar of the shaft to be 135 feet west of the main worked seam, and at the 600-foot level was still 39 feet west. Below this the strata become vertical, with indication of an easterly turn, so that the shaft will nowhere cut the main seam. The seam is opened from the shaft by cross-cuts, levels being driven from these. The main coal seam 6 to 8 feet thick was mined to a depth of 730 feet, A second seam, 3 feet thick, lies from 10 to 20 feet west of that worked. This has been found to vary considerably in thickness, but has never fallen below workable limits.” (Emmons, S. F., Cross, W., and Eldridge, G. H., 1896, Geology of the Denver Basin, United States Geological Survey Monograph 27)

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