Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 898, Artemisia ludoviciana ssp. ludoviciana  


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  Asteraceae Artemisia ludoviciana ludoviciana
Photographed 25 August 2013.

Coll. No. 898, 24 August 2012, characters observed while keying: Perennial herb, to 40 cm, unarmed, spreading by rhizomes; Leaf tomentose abaxially, sparse tomentose adaxially, proximal wedge-shaped, 40 mm × 15 mm wide, 3+-toothed, ≤⅓ leaf-width, distal lanceolate, entire;

Frequency and depth of leaf lobing distinguishes between ssp. ludoviciana and ssp. incompta. These leaves are neither 2°-divided, nor deeper than ⅓-width, nor divided nearly to the mid-rib. Therefore, ssp. ludoviciana is applied rather than ssp. incompta.

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