Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 957, Gilia brecciarum ssp. brecciarum  


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  Polemoniaceae Gilia brecciarum brecciarum
Scanned on Groundhog's Day, 2 Feb 2014.

Coll. No. 957, 22 May 2014, characters observed: Annual, tap-rooted, to 12 cm.; Stem, lower white cobwebby hairs below middle, branches spreading; Leaves, mostly basal, petiole 12 mm. + blade 14 mm. × 5.5 mm. wide, deeply pinnately-lobed, some lobes 2-pinnate, axis 1.7 mm. wide, lobes to 2.5 mm., tips pointed but not bristle-tipped, hairs eglandular, cauline, expanded lobed at base; Inflorescence, not dense, flowers not in heads, pedicelled, glands long- stalked; Calyx, tube 3 mm. + lobes 1.5 mm. = 4.5 mm., membrane narrow in flower; Corolla, radial, funnel-shaped, tube 2.5 mm. + throat 2 mm. + lobes 2 mm. = 6.5 mm., i.e., lobes < tube, white + purple + yellow with purple streaks + white/purple; Style, not persistent; Fruit < calyx; Seeds, 2 per chamber, ±green, gelatinous when wet.

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