Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1110, Secale cereale  


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  Poaceae Secale cereale
Scanned 2 September 2015.

What attracted me to make this scan was the arrangement of glumes and lemmas. In S. cereale, the glumes are reduced nearly to an awl shape and appear to overlap and cover the rachis. The larger ciliate objects are the lemmas.

Coll. No. 1110, 26 May 2015, characters observed: Annual, erect to 1 m.; Leaf, sheath open, ligule membraneous, auricle 1 mm.; Inflorescence, terminal spike, 10 cm.; Internode 2 mm.; Spikelets, 2-ranked, 1 per node, sessile, bases not embedded in rachis; Glumes, 2, awl-like, 8-9 mm., ±equal, keeled, purplish distally, appearing to hide the rachis but not the lemmas; Florets 2, arranged side-to-side; Lemma, 12 mm., keeled, keel ciliate, margins, one ciliate, the other less so, awned; Awns, 16 mm., short proximally, lengthening distally, straight to wavy, some slightly twisted.

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