Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1452, Plagiobothrys scouleri var. hispidulus  


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  Boraginaceae Plagiobothrys scouleri hispidulus
Scanned 17 December 2016.

Coll. No. 1452, 22 June 2016, characters observed: Annual, to 10 cm., ±appressed hairy throughout; Stem, decumbent to ascending, not winged; Leaves, basal, unknown, cauline, alternate, 35 mm. × 2.5 mm. wide, linear; Calyx, lobes #4, in fruit, 3 mm.; Corolla, very small, white; Style, 0.4 mm., entire; Nutlets, #4, 1.8 mm., attachment baso-lateral, tuberculed abaxially (not hooked or barbed). Treated as ssp. penicillata in Weber&Wittmann (2012), at rank of species in California (Baldwin, et al., 2012).

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