Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1574, Hilaria rigida  


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  Poaceae Hilaria rigida
Photographed 2 October 2017.

Perennial, mid-sized, to 30-60 cm., strongly tillered as plant axis lengthens, rhizomatous; Roots, stout; Stem, herbaceous; Internodes, fluted, solid, i.e., filled with pith, sparse soft long crinkly hairs (sparsely tomentose?); Leaf differentiated into sheath and blade, variously tomentose; Sheath open; Ligule membrane, 1 mm., divided into cilia at tip (laciniate?); Inflorescence well-developed, > leaves, spike-like, 8 cm., unbranched zig-zag central axis; Disarticulation, cluster of 3 spikelets falling as a unit; Spikelets, many, in clusters 3 per node, 1 central spikelet and 2 lateral spikelets on alternate sides of the rachis, hairy at base, sessile or nearly so, 8 mm.; Florets variously staminate or bisexual; Central spikelet: 1 bisexual floret, Glumes, 6 mm., ± equal, deeply 2-lobed, divided into 3-5 awn-like segments; Lemma 6 mm, ±glumes, membraneous, veins 3, prominent, glabrous, parallel, tip truncate, divided and ciliate, awns, 2 mm., straight, attached end; Lateral floret: 2 staminate florets, Lower glume 1+ awn-like segment; Upper glume awn 0; Anthers, 3.8 mm., lt. green with purple; Stigma: #2, feathery ciliate when present (Described from Coll. No. 337, 10 June 2012 and Coll. No. 1574, 18 April 2017)

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