Eastern Mojave Vegetation Nevada Highway 773  

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• U. S. Highway 6:   at NV State Route 773;  

Junction: U. S. Highway 6.

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• The Gap Road:  10000;  

Junction: Road south to The Gap

Locations: The Gap.  

"The Gap" and Gap Spring approximately 1 mile to the east.

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• Field Notes:  22 June 2015 at The Sump;
Full Size ImageThe Sump as seen from above.
Full Size ImageLake bed outcrops on one side of the sump.  

Pole line road both northwest and southeast. The road to the southeast gives a good view of The Sump from above.

Full Size ImageOutcrop of Esmeralda Formation in northern Fish Lake Valley  
Prominent outcrop of Esmeralda Formation to south of highway.



Literature Cited:
- DeCourten, Frank L., 2003.

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• Field Notes:  26 May 2004;

Locations: The Sump.  

The Sump

Full Size Image
The Sump, Esmeralda County, Nevada

Frank DeCourten in The Broken Land: Adventures in Great Basin Geology University of Utah Press, 2003, waxes poetic about a night spent at the Sump with his students. It's a place of clear skies and majestic views in addtion to the many fossils in the mid-Cenozoic graveyard.

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• NV Hwy 264:  15000;  

Junction: Nevada Highway 264.
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